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Stegela Success Mastery may be all about business, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have fun! This column is to introduce our members, events, and activities we enjoy when we are out as a group.

October was an amazing month. We went to Las Vegas to attend Thrive, Orange County to attend ServeX, and had our own networking mixer here in San Diego!

Thrive – Las Vegas is an outrageous city with all the fun you can imagine. Inside the event, there were so many wonderful speakers such as Elena Cardone and Kevin Harrington. If you haven’t seen these two speak, make sure to seize the opportunity when they are in town! Out of the conference we went to some amazing restaurants, jumped on the Stratosphere, and saw shows including Carrot Top; overall, it was such an incredible trip with an amazing staff.

ServeX – This event was a much shorter drive for us, and although it wasn’t Vegas, our staff still had a lot of fun! The event itself was to benefit local kids in the foster care system. Our Airbnb was Star Wars themed, which really helped us focus on how to think outside of the box and make ourselves stand out!

Since it was October, we had a costume networking mixer! There were so many interesting costumes, and our wonderful speaker, Alex Marlay, spoke on the importance of budgeting and financial freedom.

Even though October was an unusually busy month for us here at Stegela Success Mastery, we make sure to take all the stress associated with attending and hosting events and turn it into an amazing experience with great friends.

James Malinchek – In the beginning of November we had one of the most amazing speakers at a private, up close and personal mastermind event. James is a good friend and mentor of our CEO, Stephen Dela Cruz. James gave so many tangible nuggets to our group!

Do you want to join in on the fun? Come check out one of networking mixers or join us for Success Circle! Find out when our next event is by visiting www.stegelasuccess.com.

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