Is Embracing Imperfection the Secret to Loving Your Business?


Jason Freeman



Have you ever hampered the growth of your business by trying too hard to be perfect?

On page four of a book that came out April Fools’ Day of this year it says, “Doing our imperfect best means accepting that there will often be mistakes, flaws and rough edges. These mistakes, flaws and rough edges add beauty to who we are and provide us with the power to connect with others.”

Sounds Simple Enough

This sounds simple enough and like a good principle to apply to my business. I definitely know from eight years of humbling experience that there are many mistakes, flaws and rough edges to be experienced as one builds a business.

However, at the same time, I notice that I often have little interest in experiencing those mistakes, flaws and rough edges, especially in my own business. I want my business to be perfect because I imagine that’s what my customers demand and need. Additionally, my business must be perfect because the bottom line is at stake.

So who does the author of the above quote think he or she is?

The above author thinks he’s me. (Please don’t share that sentence with my English teachers.)

Imperfect Best Came From a Lifetime of Experience

I came up with the above idea of “doing our imperfect best” from a lifetime of experience. When I was born, my umbilical cord became kinked like a garden hose restricting oxygen. As a result, I have a pronounced speech impediment and some coordination issues to deal with. The technical name of my condition is cerebral palsy.

Over the years, I have learned the necessity of moving forward in business and in life even when I know things most likely won’t be perfect. For example, if I waited for my voice to be perfect before starting public speaking, there would be no public speaking component to my business.

The Challenge of Embracing Our Imperfect Best

Even though I’ve spent my life learning to do my imperfect best and coach clients to do the same, I notice I still, at times, find it hard to adhere to the principle. After all, we naturally want to get the things that matter most to us done to perfection.

The main difficulty is that our efforts can always be a little more perfect. We could pick a very small thing like writing an article and work for the rest of our lives trying to get it to be perfect.

Even then, the article could still be more perfect.

There is simply too much life to live to spend it trying to get everything completely right.

Here Are Three Tips to Help You Grow and Love Your Business:

  1. Notice when you are asking for perfection of yourself
  2. Love that because it’s a natural part of you
  3. Then choose, instead, to do your Imperfect Best

Here’s to loving the Imperfect Best in yourself and your business!

Jason Freeman

Jason Freeman, author of “Awkwardly Awesome: Embracing My Imperfect Best”-

is a Bravery Coach who currently travels the country as a professional speaker.

His website is http://www.jasonwfreeman.com/

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