5 Ways You, and Your Business, Can Grow With Gratitude


Kathy Kendrick



According to Dictionary.com,

“growing” means “to become greater in quantity, size, extent, or intensity” and

“gratitude” is a noun meaning “the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful.” Therefore, “Growing with Gratitude” denotes “an increase due to adopting an attitude of thankfulness.” Hmmm. An increase of what, exactly? What will grow with gratitude?

Scientists have studied the positive effects of gratitude, and here are 5 ways you, and your business, can be affected:

1. Happiness: Robert A. Emmons, Ph.D. is a professor at UC Davis. In his book, Thanks! How Practicing Gratitude Can Make You Happier, Dr. Emmons states, “Gratefulness is a knowing awareness that we are the recipients of goodness” (p.6). He reports that his extensive research about gratitude proves that “a grateful outlook produces emotional prosperity” (p. 155).

2. Health: Time Magazine, in November 2017, reported studies that showed a correlation between practicing grateful living and better health. Specifically, the article stated that “giving thanks helps people appreciate and care for their bodies” by increasing healthy behaviors like working out, healthy nutrition and seeking medical advice. In addition, they cited studies that showed improved sleep and increased willpower are side effects of “counting your blessings.”

3. Spirituality: Jean Wise, an author and blogger at HealthySpirituality.org, addresses the link between spirituality and gratitude on her blog in November 2015. She says studies show that “people who are grateful tend to be more helpful and empathic, more spiritual and religious, more forgiving, and less materialistic than others who are less predisposed to gratefulness.”

4. Relationship Success: John Kralik is an attorney in Los Angeles who experienced a very rough patch. He recounts his “lowest day” in his book, A Simple Act of Gratitude. He describes himself as a guy who was “fifty-two years old, forty pounds overweight, pasty, and tired, with a terrified sadness in his eyes” (p. 2). After some deep soul-searching, he chose to write 365 thank you notes over the course of the year and completely turned his life, including his relationships, around.

5. Financial Success: In an article called Thank and Grow Rich published by Partners4Prosperity.com, the author cites research by psychologist Shawn Achor that demonstrates the following results from daily focusing on gratitude: “productivity improves by 37%, sales increase by 37%, [and] accuracy on tasks improves by 19%.”

Be grateful, be well, be prosperous!

Kathy Kendrick

AppreciationPAL, powered by Random Act of Kindness Cards, was launched in late 2017 by Kathy Kendrick of San Diego, California.  Kathy is an entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in education, a mother of three young men, and a spirited woman seeking to develop and express her authentic self.  She is a columnist for San Diego’s only magazine exclusively for entrepreneurs written by entrepreneurs, Life By Design.  Ready to grow your business while making a difference?  She is looking for people to join her on this journey of Relationship Marketing.

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