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Hello, my friends. I believe that we can all agree that mentorship is crucial to the success of your entrepreneurial career. Every true entrepreneur that is successful or on the path to success understands the importance of mentorship. However, in this crazy world where so many people call themselves a coach or mentor, how do you know who is authentic and truly qualified to be considered a mentor? In this article I will share how I found my mentor and why he is qualified to be guiding me to success. Enjoy!

MY MENTOR HAS PROVEN RESULTS. This is paramount in my opinion. I remember when I first got into business for myself in the real estate investing realm. I was doing so many things on my own and just learning the ropes. I eventually found a so-called mentor and it never dawned on me to check what they had done. When my project started to spiral and I turned to my so-called mentor, he had no idea how to help me. I, once again, had to figure it out on my own.

I encourage you to find a mentor who has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. A mentor is supposed to guide you and help you so you can make the least number of mistakes possible by cutting your learning curve in half. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and learn about that person’s history and experience. You should qualify them if you are going to learn from them.

MY MENTOR IS AVAILABLE. Now on to the second time I found a new “mentor.” This time I went online and found a social media influencer that seemed like the right fit. I knew he had proven results, so I bought into his mentorship program. It all felt right, until I tried to contact him for advice. That’s when I realized that this so-called mentor was nowhere to be found, except on social media where he was parading around showing his lifestyle. When I tried to message him, I would barely get any feedback on the advice I needed.

I highly suggest you find a mentor that is HOPEFULLY local. I understand long distance mentorship may be able to work, but you will definitely experience the complications of not being able to simply drive to your mentor’s residence. Make sure you are clear with the expectations of what you are looking for in a mentor and find out if they can fulfill that expectation. With that being said, you will also receive expectations, so make certain that you can also deliver.

MY MENTOR HAS A MENTOR. Have you ever taken advice from someone who wasn’t an entrepreneur or learning from an experienced and successful entrepreneur? Family, friends, colleagues? I know I did. When I first got going in my entrepreneurial career I took advice from people who were in my same position. They were just getting started and didn’t understand the importance of mentorship either. It was the blind leading the blind.

I challenge you to be very clear and precise on what you are looking for in a mentor. Are they thriving and learning from another successful entrepreneur with proven results? If you want to grow, make sure your mentor is also growing.

In conclusion, my friends, please be cautious, yet enthusiastic, about finding a mentor. Understand that mentorship is a two-way street. While you are trying to qualify your grit and coachability to them, you should also have a standard of what you look for in a mentor. You are going to learn and become a reflection of your mentor, including his business practices. Be certain he has reached the success you want to reach and is a person you want to emulate. After all, we can all hope we will reach the success of our mentors. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have them as our mentors, right?

Jeff Rollon

Jeff Rollon is a serial entrepreneur, author, business coach, and philanthropist. He enjoys helping others while living with a positive attitude and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. His passion is helping budding entrepreneurs get started and profitable within their first year in business.

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