The World Is About to Change!


Betsy Dyson



The world is about to change!

It’s in the air. Women are feeling it around the globe. It is a need to release what they are calling their feminine power. But what is feminine power? Don’t get this confused with the ‘60s and ‘70s movement which was more about freedom. This new movement is a realization, finally, that most women aren’t happy working in the linear world of men. Women have a deep seated desire to make a major difference in the world. This isn’t going to be accomplished by building, aligning or deducing through logical conclusions the world around us. It will be accomplished when women take hold of, identify with, and begin to listen to their inner voice, their intuition.

It is not to say women are the only ones with intuition. It is, however, a fact that women are the majority holders when it comes to listening to right brain activity. It is also true many of us women are losing our natural instinct to listen to the “intuition” our “gut” instinct” as we have worked our way up the male dominated ladder to the top of corporations. This is affecting women in significant ways. We are losing who we are meant to be.

With all that said, this really isn’t a women against men movement. It is a Right Brain/Left Brain movement.

Brain World December 31, 2017

The left brain is in charge of rational thought — logic, thinking things through, making decisions, and calculating.

The right brain is the location of your intuition. Emotions, senses, music, art, and creative thought are right-brain experiences.

Steve Jobs, 2005 –“Have the courage to follow your heart and your intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.”

How did women get so lost and pulled away from our “knowing” when Steve Jobs capitalized on it. It was the reason for his success.

As this movement begins to take center stage, we need the women and men who are in tune to their intuition to lead the way. I met one such woman recently, Ali Matthews. She is the President and Creative Director of Ali and Ariel, custom design apparel for collegiate sorority women. Her passion developed while in college in a sorority and ten years later has a nationwide company reaching into Canada. Ali says “I’ve learned to listen to my intuition; the inner wisdom that lives inside of all of us. If you listen to it, you will come to see it as your superpower, the place where the magic lives. Learning to discern your intuition from the chaos around you takes time and patience. After you have hit one of those inevitable times that are difficult at best, look back and see if you listened, learned from each moment. My bleakest moments have come when I did not listen.”

We are stepping into a new frontier that is exciting! A frontier that is powered by the mind of everyone who uses their right brain to understand problems. As we design our lives listening to our intuition with a focus on making a difference in the world, it is not only possible that this world will be forever changed for the better, but probable.

Betsy Dyson

BetsyDyson.com (rebuilding)Realtor, Project Manager, Organizer. The latter is my favorite. In 4th grade I was learning to play the Viola. I was told we would not have a performance for the school. I decided we should have a performance. I organized the kids, talked to teachers, reserved the library. Our music teacher found out as we were headed to the library for the performance. It was fortunate she learned about the plan, and went with us to the library. That day I learned I am an organizer not a speaker!
Elizabeth (Betsy) Dyson; 602-469-9000;
Website: BetsyDyson.com
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Ali Matthews

If you’ve ever met Ali Matthews, you’re well aware of the sparkle she leaves behind. Ali is a solopreneur and “Ariel, the beloved mermaid, is the personification of the sisterhood.  Ariel is the embodiment of freedom, beauty, confidence, and independence that we see in each of our sisters. Ali is an alumna of Kappa Alpha Theta at Arizona State University.

Website: Aliandariel.com  for Custom designs
Website: shop.aliandariel.com  for individual purchases
Instagram: Instagram.com/ali_and_ariel


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