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Minimalism In May

Women are powerful consumers, sometimes making up 70-80% of the market. In today’s consumer driven society, it’s easy to fall victim to overconsumption and find yourself buying things you don’t need.

To be clutter free and break away from the gendered targeting that occurs in the market, I compiled a short list of tips to help you break free from the linear consumption model. Share these tips with someone you know who has to dump out their purse in order to find their keys. Living with less is a great way to declutter and make it easy to find the things that matter in your life.

Use what you have

When it comes to wardrobe, abandon the thought of luxury wear. Think of it like indulge wear. Why hold onto a super cute pair of shoes you wear once a year. Why hold onto rocking a jacket you know you look great in? The point is to LOVE the clothes you have so that you actually wear them and get good use out of them. It does no justice to you or itself to keep that one great outfit you have for special occasions. Believe that every day is special.

Borrow, don’t buy

Given that the market is banking on you being a consumer and making a purchase of need, the ultimate punch in the gut is to not be a consumer. Lend, borrow, or loan what you need. If you have siblings, this isn’t a foreign concept; if you don’t, make friends.

How much makeup do you really need?

Be honest with yourself and look at your collection. Is it expired, is it a tone you use often, is it a blender sponge that should definitely get thrown out? This is a good time to look at other environmentally friendly makeup products as well as looking at the ones you use and don’t use so much.


Self driven and always up for a challenge, Juan David is a USMC veteran with the drive to be productive and engaged in the projects he works on. Juan has been involved with several nonprofits assisting them with event planning, logistics, and social media marketing. He is currently the CMO at LendIt a sharing economy platform, and also the lead event planner for the San Diego Mac N’ Cheese festival and the San Diego Veterans Chamber of Commerce.

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