“I LEAD:” 5 Leadership Skills From a Military Veteran to YOU and Your Team

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Jeff Rollon



Have you ever felt frustrated because your power team isn’t reaching its ‘highest potential’?

My friends, hopefully you will always remember that everything rises and falls upon leadership. If sales are not being made, or your executive power team is losing momentum and not reaching its’ fullest potential, it is time to level up on your leadership and get training from a military veteran. During my 10 years of military service, I had maintained a leadership position more than 8 of those years.

Today you will learn 5 reasons why building leadership skills from a military veteran has benefits like no other. After reading this, you will want to hire a military veteran to build leaders within your team. So friends, enjoy this article and learn military leadership through an acronym I have labeled “I LEAD.”

Integrity – Integrity is the number one quality of any leader. While most of us learn integrity as an adolescent, the military builds leaders by educating them on the importance of integrity. Lack of integrity can literally cost a life. In business, while it may not necessarily cost lives, when learning leadership from a military veteran, you, your team, and employees are guaranteed to understand the importance of being a person of integrity because the person teaching it has lived by it in all situations 24/7 during their military service.

Leverage – Leveraging the strengths of the team is something that a military leader can do. During my time in the military, the best leaders I knew were great leaders because of the way they were able to build teams. Using the strengths of those around us was what helped in our success in completing any mission. Being able to understand others’ strengths and learning how to leverage those strengths can be the difference between a successful and timely mission being complete or a group of people still trying to figure things out.

Excellence – If you’re like me, you are an ambitious over-achiever. You want the best work done, and you want it done with excellence. Frankly speaking, you don’t do anything half-assed. The one thing that was pounded into my head day after day in boot camp was the importance of paying attention to detail and doing everything in excellence.

Lack of detailed oversight can lead to mishaps and possibly can get people hurt. Training leaders to encourage the team to have pride in their work and only bring their best results to the table is mandatory. If you have leaders with that mindset of only doing things in excellence, you and your team are bound to succeed and bring the best results.

Accountability – During my time in the military holding myself accountable for accomplishing goals was just as important as holding the team accountable for their actions and tasks that were all necessary to reach common goals. Accountability has to be a daily practice in the workplace and in life.

If your leaders can understand and grasp new strategies that can help others hold each other accountable, you will be able to put systems in place where leaders are building future leaders as well as motivation throughout the workplace to reach common goals. Even more, once you have everyone holding each other accountable, new team spirit and culture will start to take form. We all know how important team culture is for any organization.

Determination – If you’re like me, you are very determined and confident. And you know what? Not everyone has that determination. During my time in the military and through my entrepreneurial career, I always recognized one single thing that the successful stand out from the unsuccessful. It was their hunger and determination to succeed against the challenges.

So my friends, let’s all challenge us. When hiring a leader, consider the leadership of a military veteran. They likely have proven results, an extensive leadership record, and they know how to deliver beyond what is promised. Working with a military veteran and adopting military leadership qualities will guarantee the growth of your team’s mindset, confidence, enthusiasm, and performance.

Jeff Rollon

Jeff Rollon is a serial entrepreneur, author, business coach, and philanthropist. He enjoys helping others while living with a positive attitude and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. His passion is helping budding entrepreneurs get started and profitable within their first year in business. www.JeffRollon.com

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