S.O.L.I.D. Goal Setting Goes Beyond S.M.A.R.T.


Jeff Rollon



Hello, my friends. I am sure we have all heard of SMART goals, right? SMART goals are a truly effective strategy for accomplishing your goals. However, what happens beyond that? Ladies and gentleman, I am sure many of us had at one point set goals wholeheartedly using the SMART method and didn’t reach those goals. It’s not because the SMART system doesn’t work, but more that it can be built upon and made better.

I will introduce you to my own five new rituals that helped improve the SMART goal system and helped me burn off over 55 pounds in under a year. In addition to your goals being SMART, they must also be SOLID.

Selective of Everything

When I finally made the decision to live a fit lifestyle, while being a person that loves all types of food, being selective was first a challenge. However, because I had a goal to accomplish, I became very decisive and firm on decisions. I learned to say no very quick to anything that was going to slow down or backtrack my results.

I challenge you all to honestly be selective. Before making a decision, ask yourself, “Is this going to benefit my goals or is it going to set me back on my goals?” One of the best habits is to think more logically rather than emotionally when making decisions.

Obsess With Your Goals

I became obsessed. “How do you become obsessed with your goals?” Remind yourself every morning about your goals. To share an example of myself, one morning I happened to see a video of some athletes swinging on bars at the playground. It looked like something that was fitness enhanced but in a fun way. Every single day afterward, I would watch videos that ONLY related to calisthenics and, unknowingly, became obsessed with it.

I encourage you all to look at your goals daily. Read your goals daily. With that being said, the small tip is to budget your time, so you don’t end up wasting time “trying to get obsessed.” Give yourself five to ten minutes every morning and night to reflect on your goals and get excited about them.

Love the Small Wins

If you’re like me, you don’t give yourself enough credit sometimes. When I first launched my fitness journey; I was extremely critical of myself. Many times we don’t give ourselves enough credit for what we have accomplished. For instance, when I decided to get healthy and in shape, every time I would reach one incremental goal, I would have a celebratory cheat meal.

I highly suggest that you celebrate small successes that eventually lead to the significant achievements. While being mindful to not over celebrate, give yourself a budget of how you will celebrate the small wins, and live it up.

Invested in Yourself

Educating yourself through books, blogs, and coaching is crucial. One of the best ways to cut your learning curb in half is by learning from others who have already reached the goals you want to reach. For business, I have a mentor who has reached multiple successes that I dream to achieve with the least amount of mistakes made. In fitness, I have a fitness coach who has taken me to the next level with the least amount of risk of getting injured. Without coaching, the process of growth almost doubles in time and risk.

Simply put, always remember that the best investment is into yourself and your own growth.

Develop Incremental Goals

This is a huge step. It’s all about setting small incremental goals that lead you to your big goals. Personally, I would set a goal to lose 20 pounds before I stepped on stage to give a presentation. Then the next goal was losing 10 pounds before my vacation, then, etc. By setting such incremental goals, eventually, that led to me losing 55 pounds.

Having milestones to accomplish will keep you from being discouraged by always looking at the big goal and how far it may seem from where you currently are.

All in all, ladies and gentleman, you can accomplish so much more when you implement more strategy to your goals. It has helped me, and I know if you need the help, feel free to reach out to me personally, and you are guaranteed to understand how to implement SOLID goals.


Jeff Rollon is a serial entrepreneur, author, business coach, and philanthropist. He enjoys helping others while living with a positive attitude and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. His passion is helping budding entrepreneurs get started and profitable within their first year in business. www.JeffRollon.com

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