Fitness and Business Require the Same Commitments


Jeff Rollon



Have you ever been the person who hustles so hard that you feel you cannot find time for your health and fitness? Eventually making specific commitments had led me to lose over 60 pounds in under a year. Then out of nowhere, we get into the groove of the day, and we always say, “tomorrow I will work out,” or worse, “I’ll start Monday.” Many times this has happened to us, and typically it’s because we commit ourselves to the hustle and our business goals.

Well, ladies and gentleman, I am here right now to let you know, your fitness takes the same amount of commitment as your business, and they go hand in hand. In this article, you’re guaranteed enlightenment of how business and fitness goals require the same commitments. Now you can never say that you cannot commit to your health.

Be Committed to the Vision of Yourself

Have you ever seen someone or something that truly inspired you to dream bigger?

We say, “You know what, I can see myself having those same accomplishments. I can do that too.” Every one of us strives to be like our business mentor, but what happened to the fitness mentor?

I challenge you to imagine yourself reaching that level of fitness success and think about it daily and nightly and stay committed to your vision just as you would do for your business. Lack of commitment to your vision will only bring regrets at the end of the day.

Be Committed to Investing in Yourself

My friends, I know you understand the value and importance of investing in yourself. In business, we invest in mentorship, seminars, books, and programs.

That doesn’t change when you have fitness goals. Invest your time into researching nutritional facts in your food, what the best workouts are for you, etc. Invest your time in taking action as you would with your business. If you must, invest in a coach that has the proven results you want.

Be Committed to Holding Yourself Accountable

This is a simple one. Accountability is discipline. Discipline is all about what you do when nobody is watching. With business, we are constantly on the grind day and night. We hold ourselves accountable to get things done with personal and business development, making those follow-up calls, and reaching our goals.

With fitness, you must hold yourself accountable for your training days, the intensity of your training, food intake, and late night snacking. If you cannot keep yourself accountable, it is time to hire someone who cares about your fitness success.

All in all my friends, commitment should be non-negotiable. Commit to your vision, and you will naturally take action. Commit to investing in yourself, and you will always learn what the next steps are to reach your success. Last, commit to holding yourself accountable and see how fast your tasks get accomplished.

Jeff Rollon

Jeff Rollon is a serial entrepreneur, author, business coach, and philanthropist. He enjoys helping others while living with a positive attitude and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. His passion is helping budding entrepreneurs get started and profitable within their first year in business. www.JeffRollon.com

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