Three Commitments to Your Success


Jeff Rollon



I know we all know that success takes tons of commitments. It takes commitments that some may not even know about. Of course, we are committed to reaching hitting our numbers daily to make “X amount” of dollars, but what are the commitments outside of numbers? What blind spots are holding you back from advancing to the next level? With all the hard work you already put in, what else must you commit to, right?

My friends, in this article you are going to learn three new areas where all of us must always stay committed to reaching your best year yet.

You must commit to “Your Word.”

This is such a simple concept, isn’t it? Do what you say you are going to do, or don’t say it at all, right? Commitment to your word is the same thing as having integrity. If you can’t keep your word, then your integrity and the trust others have for you goes out the window. If you say you’re going to help someone, connect them to resources, or whatever the case may be, commit to your word and, ultimately, commit to your integrity.

There’s a saying that many of us live by; “My word is bond.” I encourage us all to always commit to keeping your word, not just to others, but also commit to keeping our promises to ourselves as well. If you cannot commit to keeping your word, then don’t expect others to commit to you.

You must commit to always “Taking Action.”

By committing to taking action is to commit to your success. Have you ever gave someone solid advice that would guarantee that person to get results? Do you remember what happened when they didn’t take action on your advice? Absolutely nothing.

I challenge each and every one of us to commit to taking action every single day on activities and action steps given by your mentor or the person who has those proven results that you seek. If you need to, which I encourage the most, get yourself a calendar and write down your schedule and commit to taking action according to your schedule. If you cannot commit to taking action, then you cannot commit to success.

You must commit to staying “Humble.”

Staying humble is the most significant commitment out of these three. I would say that by committing to stay humble, you are going to learn and grow the most. Rather than being a “know-it-all”, imagine how high your success can reach once you become a “learn-it-all”.  Staying humble requires you being open to learning from a mentor who has reached the level of success you are trying to reach. Learning from a mentor who you can have direct contact with is crucial to your success, and you will see exponential growth in your life and business once you decided to commit to staying humble.

All in all my friends, you have a choice of what you want to commit to. You can either commit to your success or to your lack of success. The choice is yours, but regardless of what you choose, you are choosing commitment.

Jeff Rollon

Jeff Rollon is a serial entrepreneur, author, business coach, and philanthropist. He enjoys helping others while living with a positive attitude and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. His passion is helping budding entrepreneurs get started and profitable within their first year in business. www.JeffRollon.com

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