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Alan Leung



Have you ever wanted to quit because things got hard, things aren’t going the way you had envisioned or because you’re just tired of everything? It’s only natural, and it happens to all of us whether we are introverts or not. Below are three things I remind myself when I’m starting to waiver, and it helps keep my faith going.

The first thing I do is to examine my progress. I look at where I started, and what I have learned along the way. I see the skills I’ve picked up since the beginning, and the things I’m now capable of. I celebrate the small victories as they are pieces of the puzzle fitting in together. It can be daunting to only look at the macro view which is why it is essential to look at the micro wins as well. Keep the belief and know that each little step will get you closer to your goal.

The second thing I do is connect with my tribe. I’m lucky to be surrounded by talented individuals who are more successful than me. They are able to help me see things in a new light and to give a new perspective.  It is crucial to have people who you can run ideas and struggles to regardless of what goal you have. Sometimes when you are so busy staring at the problem you aren’t able to see the solution yourself. It only takes a reminder or a conversation to spot it at times.

The last thing I do is review my goals and why I made the goal in the first place. What would it mean to complete this task and get closer to that goal? How would it affect your life or the ones around you once you’ve achieved your goal? This exercise allows me to keep the main thing the main thing. It allows me to see the big picture as I put the blinders on and continue to work.

These are the three routines I practice when I notice I’m feeling overwhelmed or running low on fumes. I revisit my wins, I get consulted from mentors, and I revisit my goal and my why. It’s a very powerful exercise and rejuvenates me to keep pushing forward. Through these routines, I’ve seen countless times where through work and faith, I reached what I was aiming for. I hope these tips will help you do the same for you.

Alan Leung

Hi my name is Alan, I’m an experienced iPhone technician. I have been selling and repairing iPhones, laptops and all forms of electronics for five years. I started Mobilezilla with the intention of helping as many people and animals as I can, so ten percent of all proceeds going toward red cross and different animal shelters.

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