The Power and Impact of Influence


Callie J. Oneese



The Power of Influence

When I think of the meaning of influence…

    I associate it with being an intentional act that can have unintentional secondary gain. A life coach, for example, has been working with an entrepreneur’s leadership style to improve morale, but it has also produced increased net worth.

    I think it means to instill changes within the individual—internally and externally as well as at the conscious and unconscious level. That same entrepreneur made internal shifts from self-doubt to increased confidence, and thereby influenced her procrastinating tendencies to take greater initiation in her business action plan.

    I believe it will result in growth and prosperity in hopes of experiencing happiness and a deep sense of accomplishment even in the face of adversity.

Source of My Influence

My source of influence stems from a series of events where I never felt understood by those who I thought would rally around me. Much of my childhood was mocked or ignored, for being different in my ethnicity, having a language barrier, or just being different in who I was. That pain—as tiny or silly as it may have been—was felt at my core. For it to be mocked and to be misunderstood was the source of change in spearheading my profession in becoming a clinical psychologist, driven to understand how people operate in the world. I wanted to understand others like the way I wanted to be understood. The power of influence for me has manifested in the form of understanding their pain, their joy, their wants and desires, and their need to feel visible and to feel that they matter.

Know Your Gift and Others Will Benefit

The act of feeling understood, to be made visible in the way that it matters is in and of itself an influencing catalyst for positive change. I have a contractor—who has been working in my house for some time. His main line of work involves painting homes, but I have discovered is that he is gifted in the original design of homes both in structure and in aesthetics of it. He can see how specific color palettes with different use of materials enhances one other. He is a collection of a contractor, a painter, and a designer of homes, correctly to beautify one’s personal living space. This was the untapped talent that he kept at bay. Eventually, his gift was validated and made visible which he felt at his core.

Having the ability to make him feel visible in the area that most mattered to him empowered him to market his business that much more confidently. He is now more apt to receive feedback from me to enhance employee work productivity and morale among his crew members.

I have grown to appreciate my gift in making others feel visible, which is my way of influencing others, their behaviors, and their mindset—this is the power of influence.

Callie J. Oneese, Ph.D.

I am a clinical psychologist who has served as an Officer in the Navy, worked as a Michigan State Police Psychologist, and been employed by the Defense Intelligence Agency. My husband and I now have our own business, Oneese Medical Practice Inc. With the myriad of professional experiences, I am moved to fulfill my dream: to expand our current business to consultation services to offer to heal at the corporate level, as I can provide crisis intervention, interactive motivational speaking engagements, and implement corporate-level strategies.

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