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Imagine for a moment that you work very hard at your job. You work to support yourself and your family, and then most of your money after expenses goes into a black hole from which you never get free. You feel trapped, paralyzed, and enslaved by sending money to companies every month, and wonder how the heck you got into this position into the first place. The motivation keeping you on this hamster wheel of paying minimum monthly payments is the army of people ready and waiting to engage with you. Constant phone calls, unwanted mailings, or Joe Law knocking on your door with a warrant for a court appearance, are all in the world of possibility if you wish to opt out of this ridiculous and scary game because you can’t afford to pay any more, called DEBT!

The above scenario is typical for millions of Americans in debt, and unless you are proactive about it and ask for help, you will be in this stressful and unhappy position for years because you can’t make your payments on both your credit cards and personal loans.

Most people never hear these stories from their friends, families, and neighbors because most people believe that there is shame in being in debt and not able to make ends meet. Why? Some people believe a social stigma of being irresponsible or labeled a victim will apply if they share it with others. So, what do you do then? You work solely to pay off your debts each month and are essentially paying the interest and not the balance so these accounts last for years and even decades and you keep paying month after month after month! Do the credit cards companies care? No, because if they did, wouldn’t they have sent you a user manual with your cards? Wouldn’t they call you if they see you are making minimum payments and strategize with you to make it work by lowering the interest rate so you can pay it off quicker? It’s all up to you, and no one is going to help you unless you seek it.

“Who you going to call?” No, not the Ghostbusters! Rather, a trained individual who is an expert in performing credit surgery otherwise known as a Debt Consolidation Specialist. That’s who I am, and every day I am having empowering and life-changing conversations with people who are in this kind of predicament and have nowhere else to turn. What I offer is to asses, educate, and empower you with all options available and partner with you in making the best decision possible to get out of debt in the quickest amount of time and for the lowest amount. Together, we create a structure to get you out of debt usually less than four years regardless of how much debt you have and at a monthly payment 50% or less that will allow you to save a lot of money for more important things like family and food.

If you’re looking to escape the “debt trap” or know someone who is, and want to be free to live life without the burden and stress of creditors, REACH OUT for help and take back control of your life working with me, your Debt Consolidation Specialist!

Alexander Macklin

Alexander Macklin has dedicated himself to achieving high performance in everything that he does and has graduated from one of the most challenging training programs in the world to ensure he fulfills on that mission. His life is committed to empowering, educating and elevating everyone around him with every part of their life at all times. His mantra and life mission is “Causing Greatness in Others” and being a Debt Consolidation Specialist has provided him the opportunity to combat the credit industry and being a credit surgeon providing solutions to people’s debt problems which allows them to sleep at night, be happy and focus on what is really important to them in life. Things such as family, retirement, health and peace of mind. Every conversation Alexander has with clients, friends, colleagues, and family, is another opportunity for him to be loving, caring, empathetic, empowering and powerful in his stand that all people around him feel free, are very powerful and have peace of mind in every part of their lives.
Website: www.facebook.com/Transforming.The.World.To.Greatness


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