Acceptance Even When You Don’t Feel You Deserve It


Darryl Horton



Acceptance by definition: Being received as adequate or suitable. Acceptance is a feeling; we can not touch it; we can not hold it; we can only feel it.

From the day of our birth, our parents are teaching us everything they know about how to be accepted by others from as young as the age of two into our adult lives and even impact our choice of career.

Since a very young age, I have been asked for advice on everything from why do people not like me to how do I get attention from someone. Just this week I got a call from one of my good friends which started with I do value your insight and I need some advice.

Acceptance?  Does it come from your experience, does it come from being the athlete in school, or does it come from being the prettiest or most handsome person?  Acceptance, is it more difficult to gain if we have a physical impairment or a physical disability? I can answer this question from personal experience; you see when I was only four years old, I walked on my toes and had to have an operation that meant I had to wear leg braces for two years.  So I always wondered if I was going to be accepted since I wasn’t able to run and play like all the other kids my age.

I learned at a very young age that the acceptance I was hoping for, looking for was always there, because of the confidence I had to develop in myself at such a young age.  Acceptance is intangible; we all strive for it in life. As a business owner acceptance is vital. As infants, acceptance is the beginning of all of our personal development. In high school, acceptance is important in forming our self-esteem.

Healthy confidence, self-esteem, comparability, and calm in emotional situations are just some of the attributes.

Our new website is under construction though we have made our Home page visible.  Give us a call today, let’s work together to make your organization and business more appealing and acceptable.

Acceptance is something we all strive for when you are confident in yourself; the acceptance we seek will manifest.

Darryl Horton

My name is Darryl Horton. I have a Health & Nutrition business, I’m a mentor a author and a business consultant. I recently recovered from emergency spinal surgery. And now am blessed to e able to walk in my passion of Inspiring Healthy Living and Encouraging others to go after their Dreams.

Website: www.Healthy-Confidence.com
Website: dhorton.juiceplus.com


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