The 3 Email Campaigns Your Business Needs


Austin Beals



Your business is leaking.

To be fair, all businesses are leaking. It’s called churn, and it’s inevitable. Customers leave, and visitors click away. But how much your business leaks is up to you. Email marketing is a powerful tool to keep buyers and visitors coming back just like how waterproof duct tape plugs the holes. If you automate the right campaigns, it’s like hiring a team of email robots to bring in new revenue 24/7 (and you don’t even need to cover their health insurance). We’ve outlined the three most important campaigns to start generating income on autopilot.

1. The Nurturing Series

Purpose: warm up new subscribers and turn them into first-time buyers.

No one wants to subscribe to your newsletter. They want value. They want their problems solved and they’re hoping you can help. This first nurture series should focus on giving value (through tools, discounts, or advice) and building trust (through social proof or stats). The goal is to transition subscribers from awareness to consideration. If you’re selling products, you can start by teaching them about the “common pitfalls” when purchasing a product in your industry and it just so happens your product meets all the qualifications. If you’re selling a service, teach them how to do the work themselves. Then offer your assistance to save them time and money. Sprinkle in testimonials along the way to build your credibility. If you build this campaign correctly, you’ll turn a stranger into an eager prospect.

2. The Onboarding Series

Purpose: welcome new buyers, make them feel appreciated, and invite them to take the next step.

Have you ever experienced buyer’s remorse? So have your customers. The onboarding series is your chance to roll out the red carpet for your new customers and remind them they’re in good hands. The emails in this series should emphasize why they made a good choice, answer their questions in advance, and invite them to take next steps like signing up for your loyalty program or connecting on social media.

3. The Winback Series

Purpose: bring back customers who haven’t purchased in a while.

Most customers leave because they don’t think they’ll be missed. Change their minds. Show them you care by reaching out if they haven’t purchased in 90-180 days. Remember, it’s about six times easier to sell to a past customer than a new prospect. So offer them a discount, remind them of all the ways you make their life easier, and find creative ways to invite them back into the community.

These are just the tip of the email marketing iceberg. There’s a lot more money to be made from a fully loaded strategy. So we put an eBook together to help you get started. Head to EmailMarketingPowerUp.com to download your free guide and take the next step toward email marketing mastery.

Austin Beals

Austin has a love for marketing. To him, it’s a meeting place for the two halves of his brain — the perfect blend of creativity and strategy, art and science. After working for Organifi, an Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Company, Austin launched Email Marketing Power Up, helping brands increase their revenue through the power of the inbox. In his free time, Austin enjoys performing improv comedy and exploring new spots in sunny San Diego.


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