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Your story is unique, your story is bold, and your story isn’t over yet! Right now I am going to help you share your story online so you can find your ideal clients, and transform their lives! You are an entrepreneur, and that means you have been through the ups and downs, you have struggled, and you have come out the other end with more knowledge, and a fire for helping other people.

The very same thing happened to me on my 21st birthday. Just like so many young men and women, I was lost and I wasn’t living a life that was aligned with my purpose. Think back to a time when you weren’t serving your purpose, imagine the lack of clarity, the feeling of being lost, alone, and judged all coming to a screeching stop. For me, that screeching stop was a car crash. I no longer was able to ignore the fact that if I had died at that moment the only people that would truly know me were my parents.

That is when I decided to use my marketing expertise to make a real impact in the world, through entrepreneurs just like you. What so many people don’t realize is their story can change a life, and if it can change one life, it can change a million. But that isn’t you! Which is why I am going to show you the first three factors I share with my clients to use their story to create massive impact in the world.

Factor one: Identifying your Brand Authority Style

Identifying your Brand Authority Style is the first thing that will attract your ideal clients, and help you impact their lives. You have had that person in your life before, someone that you can’t truly connect with and may even be a bit off-putting. Often that person can be more difficult to help, hurt your brand, and put stress on your life. So why pretend to be that person’s ideal coach? Finding your style will help you attract your people and relieve the stress you feel when you aren’t aligned.

Factor two: Identifying the content you want to give

Remember: information is NOT transformation. If you really want to know how to do almost anything, Google can help you with that. But when you are trying to make a change in someone’s life, a connection can show your ideal client that transformation is possible! This is where you are going to build what I call your movement message. This can be a story from you or a success story from one of your clients to show your future clients what kind of transformation is possible.

Factor three: Identifying your stories

Facts tell, stories sell, and yes, you can use stories to sell your products and services… but you can also use stories to sell someone on changing their life. So often we are told that you have one story and that is your life story. But that is so overwhelming. I teach my clients that your life is filled with stories, every lesson you have learned is something new that you can teach. So don’t limit yourself to one story, share the small things that have made a big impact on your life… they might help your ideal clients too!

You have the power to change lives, and I am so glad that you have allowed me to help you make that change in people’s lives. The last thing I want to leave you with is the first step to using your story to make an amazing impact. If you are ready to create the change you want to see in the world, visitwww.heartbehindhustle.com/thrive and take your FREE QUIZ on identifying your brand authority!

Kamila Gornia

Kamila Gornia, founder of Heart Behind Hustle®, is the powerhouse business + marketing strategist for impact-driven entrepreneurs who are ready to skyrocket their income and impact online through heart-fueled strategies that convert. She helps them scale into six figures and show up as authorities in alignment with their vision and desires. Kamila has been seen on Forbes, Entrepreneur.com, Inc., Huffington Post, and several others. A sweet and spicy tattooed redhead who values true results and keepin’ it real, Kamila’s on a mission to help other passionate, driven entrepreneurs spread their unique message to a broader audience with online marketing. She grew her first successful website at the ripe age of 12, and then went on to build several profitable ventures in the art and health niches. After selling her last business, Kamila created a training and coaching company that has now generated almost a million dollars in sales. It’s clear that Kamila has street cred when it comes to creating consistent revenue streams with effective marketing, list-building, and paid traffic campaigns. Kamila has packaged up everything she knows from almost 15 years in the digital game to help small businesses grow their fans, followers, and funds with her tried-and-true strategies, killer marketing coaching services and sought-after e-courses. www.heartbehindhustle.com/thrive


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