Recycling Plastic to Create Memories That Last


Koala Balderas



In the beginning, you are not sure if you should try or not, but it is always better to try than to never try and have regrets.

Some people want to start, or go for their dreams but are too afraid of failure, and never try. When I shared my vision of starting a mobile recycling business that gave back to students in the special education system, people told me

“You are wasting your time; why would you do that if you aren’t keeping the money?”

But what matters to me is being able to help make a memory for students that may not have the opportunity otherwise! For me, this wasn’t a waste of time because I would gain joy in my life by helping others. Knowing I made someone smile and happy because I was able to take care of their wants and make them feel appreciated for staying on track on graduating high school.

This will be my legacy. See, if I died tomorrow, and no one remembered me, I would have left nothing on this planet, and that would make me ashamed. Instead if I died tomorrow people would remember me as Koala, the one who helped clean alleys, parks, beaches, and recycled. And especially remembered by high school students with learning disabilities who would remember me as the one who motivated them to graduate high school because of my promise to take care of their senior package.

This is why it is so important to have a strong foundation because it represents who you are! My foundation is helping students with learning disabilities gain opportunities and create motivation to graduate, that is why a portion of every bottle recycled with Koalas Mobile Recycling goes to those students! Without this foundation of giving back, of cleaning the environment my business would have stopped before it ever started. Without a solid foundation, I would have listened to those that told me I was wasting my time! This foundation allows me to help people like you build a cleaner environment, and help students in your community! So ask yourself, do you have a solid foundation that will help your business grow?

Koala Balderas

Koala is a motivated owner of Koalas Mobile Recycling. In High School, he was put in remedial class although he had no learning disabilities. Today Koala is a thriving owner who gives back to local high school by purchasing prom tickets, yearbooks and dance tickets, etc. for the students who need help.
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