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Jeff Rollon



It’s no secret that to be in business, you must be able to close sales. Even if you run a non-profit, you must be able to raise money. So many entrepreneurs I coach actually tell me they are not good at sales and they don’t want to come off pitchy or sales-y. If you are that entrepreneur that feels you are not closing as many sales as you should or could, then let me teach you a new trick that I share and teach with my coaching clients.

Ladies and gentlemen, if there is one thing to remember in this article, it is a very common acronym, “ABC: Always Be Closing.” You must have an ABC mentality in every interaction. If you want better sales results, practice sales throughout your day with the people you interact with throughout the day. Here are a few fun areas of life where you can sharpen your sales skills that you probably never thought of.

Close Others on Your Appetite

This is a fun exercise that I practice all the time just for fun. This is hugely beneficial to you; especially if you’re craving a certain type of food, others may not want to try.

If you ever have someone in a group that doesn’t want to eat the type you want to eat, learn to close them. Selling others on food is easy because everyone loves food, and many times, people make emotional decisions because of food. Imagine sharpening your closing ratio daily all because you’ve practiced “painting the picture” daily by describing the taste and emotion behind every future bite of food.

Close Others On Your Energy

I’m sure that we can all agree that energy is contagious. Whether it is positive or negative energy, we can feel it around us when we are networking at a social or professional event. So why not be the one that lifts people up with your positive and non-boring energy, right?

Rule of thumb makes everyone feel your positive energy in the first five seconds. Not just at a networking event, but make this a daily habit. Practice having a positive attitude that is happy to see people, and you are guaranteed to feel it within yourself. Imagine what your closing ratio would like if everyone wanted to be around you all because of how great you make them feel, and they shared that with others.

Close Others On Their Dreams

This is a completely selfless act of kindness, and it takes genuinely listening and caring for others. So by adding this to your ABC practice, you are going to build a relationship that goes beyond business. (Pro-Tip: I also practice this with my kids, so they are always dreaming big.)

Next time you are in conversation with someone, get to the point where you ask them to share their goals or dreams. Be genuinely interested and ask them how they will feel when they reach those goals. Be excited with them and encourage their goals and dreams. By doing this, you are creating emotional excitement, and they will remember how you made them feel at your last meeting.

All in all my friends, you must remember that ultimately, above all else, if you want more “closes” or “sales” in multiple areas of life, you must “Always Be Closing” others on YOU.

Jeff Rollon

Jeff Rollon is a serial entrepreneur, author, business coach, and philanthropist. He enjoys helping others while living with a positive attitude and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. His passion is helping budding entrepreneurs get started and profitable within their first year in business. www.JeffRollon.com

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