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Jony Cruz



There are so many aspects to owning your own business. Sales, Scripts, Email, FB groups, Branding, Marketing, Podcast, Customer follow up, Customer reviews, Competition, Your culture and your people who help sustain it.

If you were to really sit down examine every aspect of your business ecosystem would you say that every single area is ramped up at 100% ?

So some people will think, well I’ve had this logo for years so I guess it’s time to drop $5k on rebranding. They jump the gun and don’t get a bird’s eye view perspective.

Definitely align yourself and be ready to have a network of people you know who are mentors, consultants or just other friends who have succeeded in business but are in a different market.

Business has existed since the dawn of time and what we find is a lot of the strategies that have been proven successful can be applied to any business, and the outcome will still be the same.

Get to that place where you truly have a bird’s eye view and sometimes that is you having to outsource the task you need to get others to do to give you the time and clarity to dig deep and truly scale.

The foundation of all this is truly budgeting for your next move. Put money aside to get outside perspective and also be ready to outsource some of your work. And sometimes that is cutting cost and or putting more money in the right place by moving that money around.

I hope that this article inspires you to sit by the beach, sipping on a nice drink. Where you can be in a place that inspires clarity and start thinking about all the holes you can fill. Cuz once those holes are filled and every aspect of your company is at 100% then by next year your growth will be night and day.

Jony Cruz

Jony Cruz is the founder of Musica La Vie, San Diego’s newest live entertainment band. Live Music Company entertaining your corporate or private events, weddings, and festivals. When you need to wow and entertain your guest, reach out to me and let Musica La Vie be your premier choice in live entertainment.

Website: www.facebook.com/mlvband

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