A Good Financial Base


Michael Stephens



Years of experience has brought us to this point. Can we make a difference in our finances today? Will it change our legacy? Many of us typically don’t get much of a financial education till we are in need of it. So many options where to begin? But generally, we aren’t sitting on a pile of cash. Social Security has already said it won’t be available after 2034. With that being said, how are you standing? For a young millennial, what might a good financial foundation look like? To begin with, it would help if the plan was affordable. When it comes to Insurance, your youth plays into your favor…the best plans at the best price. Typically, the younger crowd thinks that nothing will happen to them. Then a close friend or family member gets sick or dies, then they think, “Oh I need that.” Today what do we see? “Go Fund Me” The time to prepare is not after something happens, it is before. Take advantage of the cost while you’re young.

  What does a good financial base line look like? Something with security, tax breaks, and retirement considerations. Security could mean the replacement of family income if a family breadwinner passes. Maintaining your way of living when faced with illness. Security could be placing your money in a no risk plan with a yield that creates income at retirement. An income that’s tax free! Yes, there is a way of accomplishing all these things for one price that will never go up!

But Wait, there’s more! Waiting can be a bad idea. Not only can the price go up, but the unfortunate change in health could make you uninsurable! I have seen this in my own family. I shared this with them but sadly, my granddaughter turned it down before being diagnosed. Health issues are not exclusively for the elderly. Simply said, invest in yourself! Now, I know the temptations. My grandson chose the 50th Anniversary Mustang before financial security. I just smiled when I saw him in it. It was really a hot car! I keep wanting the best for him…including a good financial base. Talk to me and find out more.

Michael Stephens

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