Grateful for Your Body


Adrienne Rivera



Are you your own worst critic? Do you look into the mirror and nit pick all of the things that could be better about your body? It’s time to shift that into gratitude! As a Fitness & Relationship coach, I help high-achievers get to their best health physically & mentally by helping them to create more love in their lives. Everyone is one their own journey both with self-love and fitness. The beauty is actually that we have so much room to improve always! You get to decide to LOVE your body where it is not and decide that you are WORTHY of working out 5+ days a week to feel your best self!

It’s all about MINDSET. Too many people think that working out is a punishment–something that they have to do. I recommend shifting your mindset and doing it because you’re WORTHY of it and because you’re grateful that you’re able to! Not everyone had the ability to move their body, so I invite you to have gratitude towards your body and fall in love with your body because you have a body.

My invitation to you is to make a list of all of the things that you feel like you HAVE to do yet don’t want to; then, write out all of the reasons that you do have gratitude for being able to do those things. The more grateful we are for the things we have in life–the happier we are. And the happier we are, the more we attract LOVE into our lives!

In my best selling book “Fit Through Love,” I talk about self-love, mindset, motivation, fitness, and relationships–since it’s all so related. Would you have ever thought that simply from being grateful for your body that you’d find more motivation to move your body? And by moving your body you become happier which attracts more people that love you into your life. My book, “Fit Through Love,” offers a holistic approach to life so that you can get to your best health by upleveling all areas of your life.

To learn more about how to have more gratitude to create more self-love and improve your relationship with food & fitness, check out “Fit Through Love” on Amazon.

Adrienne Rivera

Website: adriennerivera.com

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