Gratitude… Is It Enough


Darryl Horton



Can you build and sustain a business on gratitude?

What is gratitude? Gratitude is being thankful. It’s being ready to show appreciation. It’s also returning kindness.

As entrepreneurs, much of our focus gets directed to the daily concerns with employees, expenses, meetings and so many other areas. This question will always keep coming up though: “is gratitude enough”?

We have to keep asking ourselves that question. Although appreciation is part of the definition of gratitude, gratitude and appreciation seem to go hand in hand. Without one how can we really experience the other? Our clients want to experience 4 feelings: appreciated, welcomed, valued and accepted.

We all want to run a thriving business that rewards us beyond lining our pockets. Gratitude will escape you unless you make your clients feel these 4 things.

Gratitude is not enough. We also need to keep in mind these 4 other aspects of what entices clients.

What have you done to take your business to the next level? Without serving your clients in these 4 ways, the gratitude you experience will continually diminish.

Is Gratitude enough? Find out for yourself.

Darryl Horton

My name is Darryl Horton. I have a Health & Nutrition business, I’m a mentor a author and a business consultant. I recently recovered from emergency spinal surgery. And now am blessed to e able to walk in my passion of Inspiring Healthy Living and Encouraging others to go after their Dreams.

Website: www.Healthy-Confidence.com
Website: dhorton.juiceplus.com

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