Reflect. Appreciate. Plan.


Dyme Witherspoon



For me, November has always been that time of the year for reflection. I usually spend this time thinking of the connections made, goals accomplished, and plans for the future. In the mist of the aforementioned thought processes, it is easy to neglect the time spent over the course of the year. And for that time alone, we must be most grateful!

As entrepreneurs working on– and oftentimes in our business– we sometimes fall into the trap of NOT acknowledging our time spent. We find ourselves discounting previous goals even though we’ve spent so much time coming up with that logo, or finding the right team to develop that video marketing campaign. We are so wrapped up in what the future holds for our brand and company that we don’t take the time to reflect. In taking that time, we might just realize that not only did we hit, but we surpassed some of the major milestones that we’ve put in front of ourselves.

My wake up call came earlier this year. After separating from the military late last year, my attention shifted to developing my company, DymeDigital Media, LLC. One of my goals for 2019 was to build a computer for better efficiency when editing projects. I did it by April! But then I needed major clients in order to truly test my machine. Spoiler Alert: that client never came.

However, what did arrive was official documentation from the USPTO saying the trademark for my company’s name had been approved. I had completely forgotten about starting the process about five or six months prior.

I say all of this to put forth the idea that we must be grateful for all aspects of our time: not just the present moment or time as it pertains to future goals. We must not get so caught up in the moment that we forget what we’ve done in the past to get us to this moment. We must remain humble. We must not forget where we came from. Most of all, we must be grateful for time well spent.

Dyme Witherspoon



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