What does Money mean to You?


Bert Wright



What does Money mean to You?

I want to talk to you about your beliefs about money. It can vary significantly depending on one’s family, cultural, societal, and religious upbringing. Depending on what you were taught growing up, those beliefs can lead to an empowering relationship with money or one that is disempowering.

In my home there were two common phrases I heard my dad make about money. “Money doesn’t grow on trees” and “I’m not made out of money.” It was only after years of personal development and reflection that I can now identify that my dad had a money blueprint that was based in lack. It should be noted there is an irony to my dad’s sentiments. He was able to provide a stable middle-class lifestyle as an entrepreneur. From the eyes of a child, I have few memories of not getting what I needed and wanted. My only regret is that I never had a chance to learn more about his money blueprint prior to his passing.

This story is shared to inspire you to ask yourself:

”What are my beliefs around money?”

“How was money used by those closest to me?”

“Where did I learn my beliefs about money?”

“How have my money beliefs affected my relationships?”

As much as I love and honor my dad, he was raised in a time when men were expected to be the primary breadwinner in a household, hence, money represented power and control in the home. Fortunately, I did not inherit those beliefs, but it does show our money blueprint can be shaped by societal norms. These expectations impact us at a subconscious level, until there is a defining moment that causes one to recognize that they do not fit your new programming.

Every single person that reads this has a money blueprint. We have learned ours from an early age and it affects us on a subconscious level. It is my goal to give you a moment of pause and reflection about your beliefs about money. There is an ongoing conversation playing in your head that empowers you or makes you shrink when it comes to that “little piece of green paper.” As you recognize it, I want to encourage you to consider if it continues to serve you in the positive, or is it time to recreate a new relationship with money?

I want to leave you with few action items to recreate a new money blueprint:

  1. Write down your current belief(s) about money.

  2. Identify where this belief came from.

  3. How has this belief positively impacted you in the past to the present?

  4. How has this belief negatively impacted you in the past to the present?

  5. Write down what you would like to be your new belief about money.

  6. How will this new belief positively impact you?

  7. Write down 5 new affirmations to sustain your new money blueprint.

Bert Wright

Bert sees entrepreneurship as a vehicle for social change. As a former educator, he saw first hand the importance of thinking outside the box meant for his students and the importance of financial literacy. With over 20+ years of servant leadership in different organizations, Bert believes in a serve first mindset, and abundance will follow.


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