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As we come to the end of the year often, we think of giving back. This season is the time to bring cheer to others, and share the blessings over our lives. This is exactly what our member feature Yussett Navarrete has built into her business. Yussett is a jewelry designer and daycare owner who keeps you looking good while generously serving others. Whether it’s helping orphans in Mexico or helping cover the costs for cancer patients, Yussett has Jewelry that gives back!

Yussett was inspired to give back as a teen when she and her mother ended up living out of their car with their dogs. At this time, Yussett knew she had to do something to get her family out of that situation. She worked as hard as she could in a preschool and eventually got an apartment. From that point on, she has known that she had a passion for giving back. But she also had a passion for traveling. While working as a preschool teacher, Yussett found herself having to ask for time off to be able to pursue her passions. This was when she decided that she was going to take charge of her own life. Now she runs two businesses that both make an impact and give her the time to travel.

While her daycare started out of her love of travel, Jewelry by Yussett started with a hobby. While traveling, Yussett saw a woman making Jewelry on the corner. Yussett asked this woman to teach her how to make the Jewelry. This is where it all started. Yussett has been making Jewelry as a business for a year, and each round of Jewelry helps a cause that’s near to her heart. Yussett’s proceeds from her jewelry business help female survivors of sex trafficking learn a new skill and make their own money while recovering. As she works towards her overall goal, Yussett helps those around her along the way.

If you want to get involved in giving back this holiday season, you can do that with Yussett! Right now, Yussett has two trips planned with Faith Hope and Love Ministries: one on December 21st giving back toys to the less fortunate in Mexico for Christmas, and the other on January 5th for the three wise men tradition.

If you want to help, but can’t make the dates, reach out to Yussett and see how you can get involved!

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Yussett Navarrete Villegas

Yussett Navarrete is a young entrepreneur who loves to give back to those who are less fortunate. She finds joy when she sees the smiles on the children’s faces when receiving a toy, backpack or even just clean water. She loves contributing to great causes.


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