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We are often caught up in our day to day activities and forget to reflect upon our actions. It’s almost as if we have tunnel vision for life. We keep moving forward and don’t look back. When you reflect upon your actions and decide to track your progress, then you can begin to improve. The decision to step back and look inward will allow you to energize your next action.

One of my favorite tools for reflection is meditation. Meditation allows you to clear your mind from the chaos of daily life. You can begin to reflect upon your day, consider how you are feeling and let go of the baggage that you are hanging onto. The present state that you achieve when meditating will allow you to enter a state of action with increased focus, discipline and a positive mindset. Reflection is necessary if you value your time and effort.

It is not always easy to know when is the best time to meditate. That is why you need to be honest with yourself. You must walk up to the mirror and ask yourself: “how am I feeling?” If you are not feeling well, then you must meditate and release the baggage. If you have been working hard without rest and have achieved many things, then it is also important to reflect. Reflect upon what a crazy adventure life can be. At that point, it would be time to step back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Remember that reflection is a part of life and that life reflects who you are. In other words, your beliefs, mindset and attitude are all forms of energy, and your energy is what manifests into reality. It can help you release the baggage of your day to day life or enjoy the benefits of your hard work. The way I choose to self-reflect is through the power of meditation. With this new tool that you have learned today, it is time to take action and reflect upon your life!

Devin Soto

Devin is a published author, life coach, founder of devinsoto.com, and a contributing writer at Life by Design magazine. At the age of 18, the young college student went on an odyssey of self-discovery and personal development. A few years later, he dropped out of college to create his own path towards success. The next day, he found a mentor and started his first business as a life insurance agent. Devin learned that he had a passion for helping others and decided to become a life coach.

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