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Merilee Kern



With every New Year comes a glut of diet and fitness-focused resolutions that can be easy to make and even easier to break. With this understanding, throngs of tech companies are finding innovative ways to keep people engaged and motivated as they endeavor to achieve and maintain fitness and health. Here are three digital diet and fitness solutions that are sure to help you shed those stubborn pounds, tone those muscles and increase your endurance in an easier, more effective and more sustainable way.

Tonal Intelligent Home Gym


Created by former Apple, Nest and GoPro engineers and designers, Tonal is the world’s first machine learning powered strength training system. This intelligent home gym pairs on-demand workouts and personal coaching with a first-of-its-kind, at-home, wall-mounted fitness system that you really do need to see to fully understand and appreciate. I recommend you check out the website to watch the introduction video. You’ll see it’s like having a personal trainer plus an entire gym in the convenience of your home. It features digital weights to help you lose weight, gain strength, build muscle, boost energy, improve your performance or maintain your fitness. Expert-led programs and full body workouts are availed on the device’s digital display with virtual coaches guiding you step by step.

BINGE Networks Fitness Channel


BINGE is a broadcasting platform offering a convenient way to find a variety of fitness classes all in one place. They feature an array of fitness, health and life coaching shows allowing you to do yoga, pilates, and weight training and even to get your mind in shape. With BINGE Networks, you can work out where and when you want with expert-driven programs that you can do at home and on the go. Users can stream the content from a SmartTV, tablet, smartphone or laptop from over 90 premium platforms like Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google Play, Sony, Samsung, Sharp, Tivo, Philips, Sanyo, Panasonic, JVC and Toshiba. The first week of access to the BINGE Fitness platform is free using code “FIT”. Access to the service and its content your free trial costs $24.95 per year.

HealthyWage App Weight-Loss Cash Incentives


No matter what kind of fitness or diet regime—or technology facilitators—you choose, the HealthyWage app actually PAYS you for losing weight! With the HealthyWage app, you determine how much weight you want to lose, how long you want to take to lose it and how much you want to wager each month. If you successfully reach your goal by the end date of your challenge, you win your prize. The average HealthyWager prize is over $1,200! You can also join a team and compete for jackpot and step challenges through the app. This gamification approach is well-proven. In 2018, alone, program participants collectively lost over 1,000,000 pounds and gained $13,000,000 in kind. Since the company’s inception, over $20,000,000 has been paid to HealthyWager winners.


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