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Jillian Christy



The main reason I became an entrepreneur is because I want to make a difference in people’s lives. When my mission began, I had no idea how much work I would be committing to. I spent much of my life working in the corporate world, supporting my employers and collecting a paycheck in exchange for my time and service. The entrepreneurial world has required me to stretch out of my comfort zone.

One of the first modalities I needed to navigate and acclimate to was creating videos of myself. My initial experience in making my video story required almost 50 takes just to get a two minute video. I knew nothing about editing, or even just being vulnerable and letting the imperfections be present in the video. When I presented the final product, I was immediately told to reshoot it because I wasn’t showing up with my usual energy.

I reshot that video with increased energy and vibrancy. My secret was imagining one person who I thought needed to hear my story sitting on the other side of the camera. It was really quite simple. Previously I was talking to the camera. When I imagined a person listening to me speak, it made all the difference. How often do you start a video or a Facebook live and lose your focus simply because the camera is staring back at you?

In this digital age, how you choose to make an impact is everything to your business. If you are not making an impact, you are not attracting the clients you want or need to make your business thrive. I want to share three tips I have learned that not only have me making an impact, they support me in showing up excited and passionate for my tribe.

Be Aligned With Your Purpose – To generate feel-good energy with your audience you need to be passionate about what you are promoting. If you aren’t completely aligned, you will show up in your social media presence as lacking enthusiasm.

Create Content That Excites You – Take time to do your research and choose topics that light you up. Natural enthusiasm shows up when you can comfortably speak on topics you understand and relate them to your audience through stories and real-life examples.

Let Go Of Your Need For Things To Be Perfect – Try not to get caught up in ‘analysis paralysis’ when you are releasing new information to your tribe. Finished beats perfect. An imperfect piece of content will make more of a difference than a piece of content you never release.

Begin with these basics, stay consistent with your content, and watch your business begin to grow. Nurturing your passion is like watering plants: watch them grow and eventually they will blossom.


Jillian Christy

Jillian is an author, speaker, registered nurse and personal boundaries coach. From her home in Vista, California you will find her creating “The Boundaries Babe” podcast. Recently she launched the Empower Program which is the first of its kind. This entry level personal development program focuses on the “yes” person who is exhausted, frustrated and resentful towards people in their life. The program supports you to say “NO” and begin saying “YES” to your dreams, goals and a life you love waking up to!


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