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Cynthia “Salonista” Kosciuczyk



January is a new beginning and we are pondering the concept of increase: increasing wealth, free time, connections, and followers. In the entrepreneurial world an increase in business means an increase in responsibility, which can also mean more stress. New beginnings make me see the increase of potential and reminds me of math and science.

The square–cube law, which describes the relationship between the volume and the surface area as a shape’s size increases or decreases, is used in a variety of scientific fields. In 1638 in his book Two New Sciences, Galileo Galilei described the square–cube law to occur when “…the ratio of two volumes is greater than the ratio of their surfaces.” As a shape grows, its volume grows faster than its surface area.

Expanding our business, expanding our reach with our message for those who give talks, expanding our customer base, expanding our teams to handle the business… This all helps to increase our market share, which increases our income. Over the years I have learned to temper that with a healthy respect for the result of increased business that comes with the increase of elements required to handle everything.

What happens when things expand? The wider the area of expertise, the more we can prosper. History shows us that expanding too fast might not always be best, especially in chain stores. Pondering if there is some cosmic rule that governs expansion? What happens when you heat things up to accelerate the process or reaction. The physics textbook Kinetic Theory: Atomic and Molecular Explanation of Pressure and Temperature explains an increase in temperature, which implies an increase in the kinetic energy of the individual atoms. In a solid, unlike in a gas, the atoms or molecules are closely packed together, but their kinetic energy (in the form of small, rapid vibrations) pushes neighboring atoms or molecules apart from each other. This neighbor-to-neighbor pushing results in a slightly greater distance, on average, between neighbors, and adds up to a larger size for the whole body. In simple terms, the interactions between objects when they heat up cause them to become even greater in size.

The more you increase the size of your network, the more contacts you collect, the more business you create, the more income you generate. This New Year let’s investigate how to make our circles wider, influencing a greater audience and increasing our impact in a positive way. Plan to think only the best, work with only the best, and expect only the best. Happy New Year!


Cynthia “Salonista” Kosciuczyk

Cynthia has passion for art and science. Loves intelligent conversation and design. As writer, she identifies as a poet. She believes optimism will triumph and hopes as an entrepreneur to make a difference in the world.

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