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Angela Dela Cruz



Increase is available to everyone, but not everyone has it. I know in my own journey as an entrepreneur, I had to battle with fighting with believing in myself, I had to battle with working hard and remaining consistent. Through the battles I faced head on, I am so grateful that I did not give up and am reaping the blessings of increase.

I believe there are 3 important factors to be able to walk in increase. The first one is Faith. You have to have faith to believe you will have increase over your life. If you don’t believe it’s available to you, then you will never obtain it. I constantly hear people all the time say how hard they work and are barely making it. They are settled in their ways, and don’t change anything. The only thing they do is complain because they believe the state they are in is eternal. If a person has faith that increase is available, then the doors of opportunity are at their feet because they are hungry to find that search for the increase over there life to become their reality.

Another key is action. Although someone may believe increase is for them, some people believe it will just land right on there lap as if no work is required. Action is the movement of faith to allow the journey of moving forward to finding increase over your life. As action takes place, you know all that will happen is movement, is taking that one step forward to the destiny you are believing for. So make sure faith and action are combined when moving toward your destiny of increase.

The last key is persistent. It is easy to take action and give up so quickly. We strive and grind and something in our way comes, and we feel like giving up and lose faith. We forget the bumps in our road are the very key to help us grow stronger to the destiny we are called to. If we don’t have the strength to receive the blessing, the blessing will fall right under us. It is the persistence and grind that builds us for the increase. Continue to be patient and persist, and eventually you will see your increase!

Faith, Action and Persistence is the very key to see your increase. Take 2020 and begin to dream big, have faith you can do it, take action and be persistent. If you do all those, watch the amazing future you will begin to live in! Increase over your life!

Angela Dela Cruz

Angela Dela Cruz is Co-CEO of Stegela where she operates alongside her husband, Stephen Dela Cruz, 10 corporations. She went to Bethany University in Santa Cruz, CA. She received her bachelors degree in Church leadership with the emphasis of music.

Website: www.mastermindsd.com

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