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It all started with shampoo. I became a sales rep for a company that sells hair products. I was new and wasn’t sharing my products with anyone because I didn’t know much about the product other than it was amazing and it did wonders for my hair.  I truly believed in this product and I had to show my prospects that, but I wasn’t confident enough in myself.

I really wanted to be successful in this new business venture so I knew I had to change the way I was approaching prospects because I was just not making sales.

I sat down with a friend who gave me many great tips on how to confidently deliver and increase sales.

Here are 3 tips on how confidence can help you increase sales:

1)      Sales are about a transfer of confidence: When you transfer the confidence you have in your product or service to your clients they will believe in your confidence more than they will believe in their own doubts. You have to believe that your product or service will help solve a problem your prospects have that no one else was able to solve.

2)      Sales are not about what you say, it’s how you say it: It doesn’t matter what the content in your pitch is, it’s all about how you deliver with confidence. Be assertive. For example, when you tell someone they look nice, you look them straight in the eye, give them a smile and say it in a friendly tone. If you use the same words but, roll your eyes, shake your head and say it in a bad manner, the person is not going to believe it.

3)      Fake it until you make it: If you’re not confident enough yet, have a script not just for content, but to always have at least one or two sentences that you can rely on if you get stuck. But, always focus on powerfully delivering your message.

Confidence is key in handling objections. You have to increase your confidence to increase your sales.

Yussett Navarrete Villegas

Yussett Navarrete is a young entrepreneur who loves to give back to those who are less fortunate. She finds joy when she sees the smiles on the children’s faces when receiving a toy, backpack or even just clean water. She loves contributing to great causes.


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