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According to Google, ‘increase’ means “to become or make greater in size, amount, intensity, or degree.” I recommend you to increase your work in both quantity and quality. Increase the amount of time you spend educating yourself, and increase the intensity at which you learn.

Due to the finite amount of time we have, we may only increase the amount of time we spend doing a task by up to 24 hours. Though we only have 24 hours in a day, we can still achieve our desired results by learning to increase the intensity or quality of that task. “Work smarter, not harder.” We can all learn to work smarter. Unlike the limited amount of time we can spend on a task, this method has no limit.

As great as it is to increase productivity and efficiency in just about every aspect of your life, you must give yourself some slack. We are not robots. We are flawed human beings, so it’s important to have fun. We were not meant for the monotony of perfection, although it is something to strive for, because it is in our nature to stray away from a path. Basically, you should strive to increase every aspect of your life and do the best you can. However, we will fail if we are aiming for perfection.

Most skills do not have a skill ceiling, which means we can continue to improve and become better without ever stopping. The development of our minds is a skill. No matter how many books we read, we can always learn more. Being engaged in life is a skill. Monks meditate daily so that they can have a clear mind and become engaged in life. Here are a few examples of things we can increase:

  • Relationships

  • Health

  • Wealth

If this makes sense to you and would like to learn more about how you can INCREASE your potential and quality of your life, then schedule a FREE 15-minute coaching call with me directly. This call is only for action takers. This call is for you if you would like to create better habits that impact your life. If the link still works, that usually means I have a spot open for you. Spots are filling up fast. Claim your FREE call NOW. www.calendly.com/devinsoto


Devin Soto

Devin is a published author, life coach, founder of devinsoto.com, and a contributing writer at Life by Design magazine. At the age of 18, the young college student went on an odyssey of self-discovery and personal development. A few years later, he dropped out of college to create his own path towards success. The next day, he found a mentor and started his first business as a life insurance agent. Devin learned that he had a passion for helping others and decided to become a life coach.

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