No Such Thing


Tristan “Guap Brady” Yoder



Increase: noun – an instance of growing or making greater.

Everything in life increases. The universe is an experience of an ever expanding landscape of space, time and antimatter. In reality, there is no such thing as “not”. “Not” is a concept created by humans in order to make sense of the situation that we find ourselves in. In this world, there is only “is”. So when thinking of decrease, there is no such thing, it’s just an increase in an opposite than desired direction. There is nothing that can be created or destroyed, only changed mediums of matter. We must take this logical standpoint into our business and understand that anything we view as negative, or decreasing, contains within it a sea of equal opportunity. As is yin as is yang.

Mentality is the beginning of every great accomplishment, as well as every great defeat. Every day we are increasing. It is absolutely in all of our control, in most situations, that we control how we increase every day. You can choose to increase in skills that you view as useful and applicable for your world, or you can choose to increase in scattered knowledge that holds no immediate use to your business or life. There is no better time than now to understand the law of increase, and take advantage of it to its full ability. Increase in your heart, increase in your mind, increase in your spirit and soul. Remember, there is no such thing as decrease, the “not” only exists in your mind!

Carpe diem and increase valuable skills to you today. Your future self will appreciate it! Write down your goals and increase in the space near that goal. After accomplishing goals, increase the goal and increase your influence and power as a human! Increase today to make tomorrow that much better.

Tristan Brady Yoder

Guap Brady is a mindset breakthrough mentor, author and content creator. His passions in life include being high in energy and creating a new life for himself after having humble beginnings and run ins with the law. Brady currently loves his position as an assistant leader in Stegela, which he calls his new home.


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