Pray Through Your Increase


Cedreka Baggett



Prayer is something in which many of us partake during the mornings when we wake up and the evenings before we go to bed. What some don’t realize is the power of prayer. When we go through our seasons of hard times we always pray that God will make things better for us. What must be remembered is that we must continue to pray during our season of increase and greatness. The devil remains ready to take away what God has given us.

In the past I was the person who only prayed through the hard times. Now I also pray through the good times. I pray for the blessings to continue flowing. I pray to stay positive and humble. I pray for those near and far away. As you go through your season of increase, remember to pray.

Increase does not always reflect through good times. Oftentimes increase reflects through hard times. Hard times can lead you to your strength, confidence, inner power, truth, greatness and your increase. We cannot stray away from prayer, for without it we are blind. William Edwin Harvey, a lawyer and Brigadier general from the early twentieth century, captures it best: “a day without prayer is a day without blessings, and a life without prayer is a life without power.”

Prayer is the most powerful thing we all have to take control of our circumstances. Even if you don’t believe in it for yourself, believe in it for others. So, I leave the choice to you: “Are you going to pray through your increase?”

Cedreka Baggett

My name is Cedreka Baggett and I am 32 years old; born and raised in Illinois. I’ve been in the United States Navy for almost 14 years. I’m studying for my Masters in Forensics Psychology. I am also the mother of two beautiful kids, ages 14 (girl) and 6 (boy), names Nia and Nyjol.

Website: www.baggeaprons.com

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