Movie Review: Uncut Gems


Jony Cruz



One thing that can cause you to be consistent with getting money everyday is having your feet to the fire and being in debt with men who don’t mind robbing you, putting your family in danger or causing you physical pain.

That’s what’s happening in this film. New York-based diamond dealer, Howard Ratner, falls into debt with bad people while struggling with his gambling addiction.

One thing that you will find in this Howard Ratner’s personality however is his consistent drive to make money everyday. His consistent drive to wake up and realize there is money out there and he just has to walk and find it. Whether it be a new supplier, a new gem, selling old inventory, collecting debt from people who owe him money, or even making bets at the casino. He is consistent.

Money doesn’t haven’t to be your only purpose. The money in this movie can represent new prospects, new leads, building a bigger team, closing more. The character in this movie simply represents our drive.

Our one drive can be consistent in other areas as well.

What if we were as hungry as Howard Ratner to consistently work on our relationships and friendships. It all comes down to having a strong drive regardless of the areas of your life.

That drive can look like 16 hour days on the business you’re passionate about. It can be the drive that you work 8 hours on your business, a couple hours hitting the gym, and a few more hours connecting with your family.

Finding your drive is finding the obsession that you can have to become the best version of yourself.

It’s that obsession to truly get what you want out of life like there is nothing in your way.

Jony Cruz

Jony Cruz is the founder of Musica La Vie, San Diego’s newest live entertainment band. Live Music Company entertaining your corporate or private events, weddings, and festivals. When you need to wow and entertain your guest, reach out to me and let Musica La Vie be your premier choice in live entertainment.

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