A 3 Course Guide in Committing to a Healthy Diet


Yoichi “Chef Yum Yum” Kato



You are what you eat. 

There’s this movement that calls for self-love. But what does this really mean? Buying that new car? New shoes, suits, and ties? Yeah, okay. The temporary high wears off and you’re back to devouring that bag of salty chips.

Like with all relationships, the initial bliss fades and reality kicks in. Most of us create this self-love on external factors expecting we’ll love ourselves enough once we get this and become that. And it never works. Self-love starts with the most basic of human needs – the food we eat. And no, changing your diet is not easy, so here are a few guidelines to help you.

Make a conscious decision

Appetizers are like habits. We start our meal with an appetizer, we start our day with our morning routine and we basically eat the same type of food. While it is comfortable and gives us a sense of order, this takes away the awareness that our body changes and to care for it, we too must adapt.

To implement change, we must break the old habit by consciously deciding that we are going to be more attentive to our body’s needs and therefore, diet.


Yes..that thick slab of steak is soo good! You finish that 2-pound steak in one sitting and later feel heavy and wretched. It’s not bad to eat that steak but finishing it is a different matter. You can eat the steak and still feel good if done in moderation.

Let me warn you. Before you successfully change your diet, you will go through insatiable cravings and moods – sometimes you will succeed and at times fail. But don’t lose heart. Rather, give yourself the compassion you need by understanding that this is a process. Try again and get back on track.


Oh..L’Amour! The most powerful force in the universe. Cliché? Absolutely. But to me, this holds the whole truth of everything. Why do we take the time to cook for our family and friends? Why do we freely give our most valuable commodity – time to others? Because we love them.

Do I closely look at the ingredients of the food I eat? Do I take the time to cook a healthy meal even if I am exhausted? Ask yourself.

Now, why don’t you take the time to look at what you eat and evaluate if this is an expression of love and appreciation for your body?

Since it is the ‘month of love’, let’s shift the focus to ourselves instead of others. Give the attention and unconditional love to the person who deserves it most – YOURSELF. We can start this by giving our body the gift of love by committing to a healthy diet and you’ll be surprised that the little incremental changes you took led you to a more sustainable love for yourself.

Because the best relationship you will ever have is with yourself.

I would love to hear how you have applied these secret ingredients in your life and business! Send me a message to my Instagram (@yoichijkato) and let me know how it helped you!

Yoichi “Chef Yum Yum” Kato

Yoichi Kato is an author, speaker, serial entrepreneur, Navy veteran. He is the co-founder of San Diego’s most popular cleaning service called Everything But Sex Cleaning Services. He is a master business networker who is always connecting people. He is also an amazing Chef who provides private chef services all over San Diego. Yoichi loves to help others and see them thrive.


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