A Simple 25/10 Rule


Damond Goggins Sr.



2020 is a new beginning, a new plan, and a new fresh start. One of the most common goals is to get in shape; a healthier lifestyle. Getting things in motion the first week can seem overwhelming in staying focused and especially continually staying focused. I can definitely relate, I have the same challenges too. You are not alone in feeling this way.

We have to embrace this journey. Sometimes we don’t even know where to start. Here are few simple activities that you might not think count – walking around your neighborhood, getting up and sitting back down from the couch five or 10 times in a row is a workout, and walking up and down stairs. These small movements can go along way in keeping your commitment to your success.

At times doing your best and doing everything the first week may discourage you, so I say to take it easy. Another way to stay committed is to find your support group. It could be your kids, your family, your pet, and even your social media account/person that you follow.

Now, let’s talk about dieting. I’m sure you’ve been told of foods we can’t eat. Let me share with you the 25|10 Rule. You asked, “What is that?” it’s simply broken down to 25% 30grams of protein and 10% 15grams of fiber per meal. So make sure when you eat or snack that you apply this simple rule. I know you’ll start to see results. A reminder that the hardest thing your body goes through is the digestive phase. Simple carbs known as sugar, white bread, and white rice doesn’t make your digestive system work hard. All it does is give you an insulin spike. Eating well is less about what you’re losing and more about what you’re gaining. Know that eating well builds muscles and fights against diseases. The best part, you’ll get more energy!

Consistency, let’s talk about it. There will be days that you may stumble and it’s OK. The focus is out of seven days to try and give yourself 4 to 5 days where we’re doing some kind of activity and a 25|10 rule. Don’t worry, we accounted for the bad days. We are going to remain faithful that good days are better than the bad days. If you want to get more in-depth about the 25|10 rule, coaching, and diet plans or even finding examples of workouts, I’m available and connect with me anytime.


Damond Goggins Sr.


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