Committing To Success


Sarah Smith



When starting out as an entrepreneur in a new business venture, there is nothing more important than 110 % commitment. If you are not committed to your business, you will not see success. I think that the hardest part of committing fully is the fact that it is necessary to say, no to everything that will not bring you success. Steve Jobs said that they were not successful because of everything they said yes to, but because of everything they said no to.

Saying no is more important than yes, more often than not. This goes for products as well as life. If the products are coming out mediocre then it’s better to say no, start over, and keep trying until you get that quality product you’re looking for. Too often many companies end up making too many different products. They start to lose the quality and that which brought them success in the first place.

In life, I find it all too easy to say yes to everything that comes at me. I find I have completely filled my schedule with things that do not help me move toward my goals. What helps me is to check everything before it goes on my calendar. Ask yourself, does this ultimately help me get closer to my goal or is it not important right now? You can always come back to it at a later time if it is something that you love or want to do.

This is also true for the people you surround yourself with and do business with. My mentor always says you should ask yourself, “Is this person going to contribute or contaminate?” If they contribute, then do business with them. If they contaminate, then it’s not worth being in their space. Their negativity can be detrimental to your success in life and business. Also, don’t waste your time with clients who contaminate. If you don’t feel good about working with them or feel more exhausted after doing so, then maybe they’re not worth it.

Don’t waste your time “chasing the mouse” as Darren Hardy says. A lion will not hunt a mouse because it would take all of its energy to get it but then not produce enough energy to refuel it to keep going. Even though it might seem like, ‘a sale is a sale’ and when we first start out sometimes we are in a limited mindset of I will take anything. But you really want to break this mindset if you want bigger success.

We become entrepreneurs for the freedom it brings us, so if you don’t like working with a certain client maybe it’s time to cut ties and let them go. I challenge you to go over everyone you have been chasing and ask yourself if the end result is really worth it? Some people are worth the pursuit, but others will not get you very far.

Sarah Smith

A Mary Kay Beauty Consultant and pastry chef. I love bringing joy to others through delicious sweet treats and helping women love their skin and change their lives.


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