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Kristen Crooks



NATE “I Make Noice” O’BRYANT

Are you committed to the thrill of money, or are you committed to your vision?

Meet Nate O’Bryant, personal development coach, creator of seven-figure earners, and highschool dropout. Growing up Nate saw his father working two to three jobs to support his family and he would say to himself, there has to be a better way. From that moment on, Nate found ways to hustle and find his different way. The entrepreneurial bug bit Nate in school, when he would hustle other students playing craps with loaded dice, he realized that there really was a better way when he found himself leaving school three-hundred dollars richer one day.

Nate progressed his entrepreneurial vision with his new venture in a clothing line where he would add clip art monkeys to other students’ jeans, charging for each new design he added. Every new venture led Nate closer to his first million, but he had a profound realization at twenty-four. For about five years Nate had struggled, hustled, and questioned: “this can not be my life.” Skipping from MLM to MLM chasing the thrill of money he always found himself living from paycheck to paycheck. At twenty-four years old Nate realized the difference between chasing the thrill of money and chasing a vision. Nate knew he had a vision, and it wasn’t sitting in a call center night after night, it wasn’t working for someone else and making them rich. But instead, he had a vision of freedom, a vision to help all those around him and uplift his community. Those five years of struggle were the largest challenge that Nate had to overcome to start living his dream.

Now Nate is fulfilling his vision as he helps others around him reach the same success or even greater success. Although Nate has a few different coaching programs, his passion lies with his personal development coaching. Whether he is helping someone breakthrough the boundaries of fear, limiting beliefs, or even suicidal thoughts, Nate finds he is living his vision with each new person he helps.

But it wasn’t an overnight success, Nate didn’t simply go from his largest struggle to living in his vision. Nate was committed to building a new life no matter how long it took. This was the main lesson that Nate learned through that five-year struggle, if you are chasing money, you will fall into a mindset of quitting. When all you want is money now, it is easier to quit when the money does not come right away; there is no room for commitment in this mindset. But when you are chasing a vision, patience will come with it. This is when one Facebook post ignited the rags to riches story of Nate O’Bryant

“Make money on Facebook, you’re on it all day anyway.”

This post would inevitably lead Nate to make his first million dollars. Nate began in the life of E-Commerce and quickly became successful. Within a year Nate was a six-figure earner, and within two, he had earned his first seven figures. Now Nate helps his students just as his mentor helped him reach his success. With over one hundred students earning six figures, and twenty students earning seven figures, Nate considers this his biggest success. He has helped hundreds of people realize their dreams and start building the life that they have dreamed of. Because at the end of the day, every dollar he has ever made is just a milestone compared to all those he has helped reach their success.

As Nate has risen and claimed his success he has realized that everyone can reach their dreams as long as they believe in themselves. He has found that so many people feel scared and eliminated by their past. Nate believes that it doesn’t matter what anyone believes about you because you are the only one that can hold yourself back!

Since this month’s Life By Design’s theme is Commitment, we got to ask Nate what commitment means to him, and how his commitment has affected his business. Being committed as an entrepreneur has a special meaning to Nate. He believes that as an entrepreneur you have to be committed to something that is not yet there. That’s right! Your vision. Being committed to vision means being committed to something that you can not see, something that is not there. But you have to treat your vision as if it has already come to fruition every day. But commitment takes more than just seeing something that isn’t there, it requires a level of trust and faith in yourself.

Each new challenge in your life you are stronger than, so it is important to come at each challenge with trust in yourself and trust in your vision. Nate describes this scenario like a boss level, each new challenge is just like a boss, you are stronger than the boss each time, and you have the ability to overcome each challenge in life with trust and faith in yourself.

One piece of advice that Nate would give any entrepreneur starting out would be: know what a win looks like for you. Not every win is making a million dollars, it could be making your first sale, or being able to buy dinner because of something that you accomplished. Whatever your win looks like, it is important to remember that every win is still a win, no matter how big or how small. Not every win looks the same; sometimes a win looks like a defeat, so it is important to push through what may look like defeat to find your win.

Nate O’Bryant is an inspiration for those around the world. As he grew in his entrepreneurial journey, he continued to build up those around him. With every dollar made, every mentee, every speech Nate gives back the knowledge that he has learned throughout his journey. For that Life By Design is so excited to honor Nate O’Bryant with the cover of our February 2020 issue! Thank you, Nate, for constantly inspiring entrepreneurs and uplifting your community!

If you would like to learn more about Nate, please reach out at:  www.IamNateOBryant.com

Interviewed By: Jennifer Meim
Written By: Kristen Crooks

Photo Credit:
Anne Barrera, Cover & Features

Kristen Crooks

Kristen Crooks is a personal assistant and ghostwriter. When writing she works closely with her clients, to truly understand their vision, tone, and ideas, making any article, book, or publication sounds, and feels like whom she is writing for. While working as a personal assistant Kristen strives for excellence no matter how small the task, with the goal of making her employers life as easy as possible. Kristen also Co-Founder of Inspire-Off, a show that aims to show people that inspiration can come from anywhere. Kristen’s main goal is to help others in any way she can.


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