Door to Door Professionals Unite!


Tristan “Guap Brady” Yoder



*Knock knock knock knock* Hey my name is Tristan. I’m working with your neighbor, the Upton’s, on the corner. They just got signed up for the no-cost solar program. Has anyone come by to let you know how the program works?

Door to door professionals unite! The topic of this month’s magazine edition is commitment. To be successful in our game of sales, commitment to excellence is the only way to play. Door after door, rejection after rejection. Not home, not interested. “I’m just renting.” “I think they’re ugly.” The list of rebuttals, responses, and reasons go on and on. But just like the list of excuses for people not going solar, there is an equal amount of responses to give them for making the switch. This career is one of limitless bounds. No man in history will ever knock every door in America, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t try. Job security, financial freedom, and a mental feeling of bliss come at the other end of committing to becoming the best door knocker you can be. Professionals like us can walk into any neighborhood in America with only a pen and a piece of paper and create sales out of rejections with only charm and conversation. These days, I can book six appointments with 30 doors knocked, but when I first started I would knock 100 doors and fail to get a single appointment. My commitment to creating sales transformed my results. It’s been my absolute, unrelenting belief that the money and the success is coming. With this career, our income knows no limits, though our disappointments can be just as low. Follow-ups, referrals, and cancellations are all part of this glorious game we play. Most are scared to do it, but to those brave few who commit to accomplishing what some view as impossible, I raise my glass to you, fellow door knockers. Carry on, and carry strong! Door to door professionals unite!

Tristan Brady Yoder

Guap Brady is a mindset breakthrough mentor, author and content creator. His passions in life include being high in energy and creating a new life for himself after having humble beginnings and run-ins with the law. Brady currently loves his position as an assistant leader in Stegela, which he calls his new home.


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