Consistency is the Main Ingredient


Rashid Hill



“If you dig deep enough, most of the time when something didn’t work…it was due to the lack of consistency.” 

When you set out on a journey you have a couple of things in mind, “where you are going and what time will you arrive.” With these primary items at hand, we must ensure that we have all of the necessary provisions to complete the journey in a healthy and timely manner. Think for a moment what you will need to arrive at your destination at a specified time. I think the one thing that you may not have considered was consistency.

In order to take a trip, cook a meal, and start a business we must have consistency. Without this key ingredient, we will likely create uneven bread or tasteless dishes. The goal is to create a successful outcome time after time. This is the ambition and when you stay focused you can make this happen. Did you know that inconsistency creates shame? What happens when you are part of a team and your project is up for review. At the company meeting, you have a habit of not being prepared to discuss your status. This is shameful for the team and the company. What if it is your company? Think about it. You start a business and have the pleasure of a friend in various areas that set up meetings for you to pitch your idea or sell your product. Wouldn’t it be “shameful” if you fail to deliver time and time again? This is not the way to grow your business.

Be Accountable & Dependable
Consistency creates accountability. The time it takes to develop your idea and promote it into a legitimate company takes creativity and hard work. We want the world to know that we have the best product and/ service and most importantly we can deliver when and where the customer needs. When you do this over and over your community knows you are dependable and accountable to your shareholders and customers. Being accountable will help to build the best reputation for your company and keep your company relevant in the market. There will always be new innovative creations yet, as long as you are able to stay current and deliver to your customers you will remain relevant to their needs.

I believe that you can create massive change and alter customer behavior with consistency. If you want the community to use your product or service you must test the market and get feedback. If your product or service is that good then you will be able to measure the results of each person in the control group and create a demand. With this feedback, you will have validated how good your product or service is and now consumers will shift to your product.

Being an entrepreneur is a brand; it’s your identity. Stay focused and build your brand, be consistent and build your legacy.

Rashid H. Hill

Rashid Hill is the founder of L3 Coaching Solutions. A writer, presenter, investor, and personal development consultant. President of the local Toastmasters club and author of the book “8 Ways to be 10X Better.”

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