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Consistency is a funny and powerful thing, it takes action and amplifies it over time. Whether that action is positive or negative, consistently repeating that action will make it a habit, and will supercharge that action. Think of smokers, it isn’t going to kill you to have one cigarette in your lifetime, but if you consistently smoke it will damage your lungs and can cause irreversible damage. This is true with positive actions like marketing as well, posting one time about your event isn’t likely to bring hundreds of people, but consistently marketing your event will draw a larger crowd. In any area of your life that you want to grow, the key is consistency. So today we are going to talk about three small ways you can help keep yourself more consistent, and supercharge your results.

Step one: Make time

Ahhhh the ever daunting task of time management. If you want to be consistent in a task it is very helpful to have a functioning calendar. Being able to manage your time effectively means you can set aside a time to complete whatever action you want to keep consistent. Think about something like going to the gym, why do some people make it every day, and others go maybe once a month. Is it because some people have more time in the day than others? Nope, we all have twenty-four hours. People that go daily make time to be there, even if it means they have to wake up an hour earlier to complete all their tasks for the day. Having a calendar and being able to stick to it will greatly increase your chances of keeping consistent.

Step two: accountability

Do you enjoy letting down your friends and family? Well, the vast majority of people don’t either! That is why accountability is such a helpful tool! So finding the right accountability partner is the key here. Pick someone that will actually hold you accountable, not someone that will let you get away with everything. Set up a system where you either get a reward, or get some kind of pain to help motivate you, and let someone else keep you accountable for it. Plus having someone to check in with daily will help you build a better connection!

Step three: why

If you don’t know why you are doing something, then why are you doing it? If there is not a reason behind your goal, it will be much harder to stick to. Think about going to the gym, are you trying to go to the gym because you feel you should, or do you want to go to the gym to lose fifty pounds so you can run a marathon that supports a cause you are passionate about? The difference between these two reasons are immense, and are the difference between  consistency and having to convince yourself every single day to do it. So dive deep into why you are doing what you want to do, and find a motivating reason.

Consistency is what brings growth, so now it’s time to decide how much you want to grow.

Kristen Crooks

Kristen Crooks is a personal assistant, and ghostwriter. When writing she works closely with her clients, to truly understand their vision, tone and ideas, making any article, book, or publication sounds, and feels like whom she is writing for. While working as a personal assistant Kristen strives for excellence no matter how small the task, with the goal of making her employers life as easy as possible. Kristen also Co-Founder of Inspire-Off, a show that aims to show people that inspiration can come from anywhere. Kristen’s main goal is to help others in any way she can.


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