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Dylan Welch



The reason Jeff Bezos started Amazon was because he saw an exponential growth in the use of the internet and decided to capitalize on it. If you look at media trends, the exact same thing is happening today with podcasts.

If you have a podcast, check out the helpful info below to identify how you can monetize the podcast for you and your business. It can help you get where you want to be in life and in business. If you don’t have a podcast, my best advice is to start one now and be ahead of the curve.


Film and record your podcast. Take photos. Create graphics. Use this content for your social media and digital marketing. Create a calendar and release content and episodes on a set schedule every single day. Use this content to get in front of your ideal client and let them know you are the go-to expert in your field.


Use the podcast as a way to build relationships and network with people you want to get connected with. Rather than cold calling a potential client, invite them on your show and build the relationship in person. By inviting them on the show you’re providing value to them and also positioning yourself as an authority figure vs asking them for their business.


Figure out where you want to be one year, and five years from now. Use a podcast to get you there. Allow the show and podcast itself to position you as an expert in an area that you want to grow into. Overtime it will naturally happen by connecting with that audience and building your network in that space.

If you think about how the media has changed in the past twenty years: Blockbuster rentals to Netflix. TV to streaming. Newspapers to blogs. Everything is going digital and radio/music/podcasts are currently in the transitional phase, meaning it’s the best time to get involved.

Be sure to take advantage of the changing media, be creative, and have fun with it.

Dylan Welch

Originally from New York, Dylan Welch has a strong background in Television, Film, Media and Marketing. Prior to graduating college, Dylan was offered a job as Marketing Manager for a travel company in Florence, Italy. While working there, Dylan learned everything about international marketing, distribution, and running a successful company. After moving to San Diego, Dylan worked with various television production companies and distribution companies, and in that time produced over 1,000 television shows and worked with ABC, NBC, CBS, CW, FOX, Amazon Prime, Roku, Apple, Google, and Spotify. Dylan launched Dylan Welch Media, LLC as a way to provide end-to-end marketing, branding, video, media production, and distribution services for San Diego businesses so that they can reach a national and international level. Dylan Welch Media has a full service production studio and distribution partnerships with national and international media platforms, and works with businesses and individuals in the business, finance, and real estate industries.

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