Is Your Skin Care Routine Working?


Elizabeth “Lisette” Lind



Most of us are guilty of being impatient when it comes to “fixing” something within ourselves. We live in a society that desires immediate gratification which of course leads to unrealistic expectations and disappointment. We may give up on that attempt, after a very short period of time, and then we claim “it didn’t work”. This applies to so many of life’s challenges, most often our weight, health and appearance.

I know many people that were genetically blessed with beautiful skin. (I for one, was NOT!) Their skin looks amazing, quite often despite their skin care routine, not because of it. For those of us who weren’t so lucky and find ourselves struggling with anything from acne to aging skin, a regular, quality routine is required to see noticeable improvement. Being consistent by using the right products, twice a day for six to eight weeks, will visibly create a difference. Maintaining the level of improvement is achieved by simply continuing to be persistent.

As time goes on, that routine will likely need some adjustment. One of the things I always stress to my clients is that what they do for their skin at home, twice a day is equivalent to 75-80% of the successful outcome of the correction they are looking to achieve. What I can do for them in the way of professional treatments is equivalent to 20-25%. Regular facial treatments are a wonderful thing, but when they go unsupported without the consistent use of the right home care, their benefit loses its efficacy after a short period of time. I stress the importance of daily use of a quality broad spectrum SPF to protect the achieved results from further damage. Young people should start wearing their facial SPF daily now, so the risk for skin cancer and the need for repair will be less later.

With all the products on the market, the beauty bloggers, infomercials and social media, it can be very overwhelming to choose what is right for you. The realistic approach is to achieve improvement, not perfection. (Don’t let all of those filtered images fool you!) A combination of a healthy diet and the consistent use of appropriate products will get your skin clear, nourished and protected, keeping it functioning at its healthy best.

 Consult with a skin care professional to see what treatments and products are best for you!

Elizabeth “Lisette” Lind

Elizabeth “Lisette” Lind is a Licensed Esthetician and owner of Confident Complexion Skin Care in Mission Valley. Having worked in both Spa and Medical settings, her passion is helping her clients achieve the results they have longed for. Focusing on corrective skincare, her goal is to assist her clients in feeling confident in their skin and to empower them with the knowledge and tools to maintain it. Whether your skin concerns are new or have been struggling for years, she can create a plan to achieve your healthy, best skin!


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