Letter From The Editors: March


Casey Nicole Fox



This March we chose consistency for our theme. Having consistency is one thing we found which all successful entrepreneurs have in their business, and in their life. As creatures of habit, humans look for consistency in their daily lives. But as entrepreneurs it is our job to create that consistency in our lives. Building consistency is one thing you can do in your everyday life to bring balance and growth in each area in which you would like to focus.

While consistency is often overlooked, it is often the single determining factor of the “overnight successes” you hear about. While they may seem like overnight success stories, often the consistency of focus and practice is what built their success.

As you enter this month, I ask that you take inventory of your tasks and how consistently you complete them. If you are looking to grow in any area of your life, doing something once, is a good start, but one action will not reach your goals. Instead, reaching your goals consists of many small actions that are consistently completed.

So, as you move forward in your business, think of ways that you can create more consistency in your life. This will begin to make those consistent actions habits, and they will become a part of your everyday life. This is how success is made. Consistency is the cornerstone that will bring your business and life to the next level.

Here, at Life By Design, we are so happy to have consistently brought you content for over two years. Thank you for the honor of allowing us to impact your journey.

Casey Nicole Fox

Casey Nicole Fox is an author, speaker, podcaster, and serial entrepreneur. Casey is the CEO and Editor-In-Chief of Life By Design Entrepreneur Lifestyle Magazine, San Diego’s ONLY print entrepreneurship magazine. She has four for-purpose businesses while also being the COO of the 8 figure empire of Stegela Partners International Incorporated, the umbrella company of Stegela Success Mastery.

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