The Power of Consistency in Your Presence


Jillian Christy



The path to entrepreneurship is one of many emotions, frustrations, and experiences. Anyone who has walked the path can offer you advice on the many aspects of what it takes to be a successful business owner. Their experiences in marketing, finance, social media, and even customer relations can vary from one entrepreneur to the next. The one thing that every successful entrepreneur will agree upon is how vital consistency is to create a thriving business.

Consistency is the quality or condition of being consistent. Whether you are just starting out or have a six-figure business, how consistent you are is what will determine if your business thrives or fails. Let’s explore three powerful ways your consistent presence in your business can carry you to the success you seek.

1. Clear Messaging – consistency in messaging is crucial. From your messaging, to your logo, branding and everything generated to promote your business, it must all be aligned and tell your prospective clients what you have to offer them and why they should hire you. When you are able to dial in your messaging, you will create the environment to attract your ideal clients.

2. Patience – Clients invest in you because they believe you can help them in some way, whether it be purchasing your services or product or investing in programs you offer. Expecting results when you launch campaigns is normal, but you must be patient. Your advertising campaign will take time to work and gain traction. While you may want to pull the plug if a launch is not performing as quickly as you thought it should, don’t do it. Sometimes small adjustments or test trials may be necessary along the way. Stay the course.

3. Focus on Accountability – Accountability is crucial when you are creating, maintaining and growing your business. The most successful entrepreneurs have accountability partners, coaches, and mentors. Requesting feedback from clients and partners is important to maintaining the quality standards of your company and it’s products or programs. Being open to feedback is crucial, as it will allow you to hear what your customers think of your service or product and it will give you important information from your mentors on how you can continue to grow your company.

Running a successful company can be challenging. When you are committed to consistency, you’ll find your business moving toward success. Your focus on consistency in your business, allows your customers and clients to understand who you are, and how your products or services can support them.

Jillian Christy

Jillian is an author, speaker, registered nurse and personal boundaries coach. She spent over two decades of her nursing career helping to heal through surgical nursing. From her home in Vista, California you will find her creating “The Boundaries Babe” podcast. Recently she launched the Empower Program which is the first of its kind. This entry level personal development program focuses on the “yes” person who is exhausted, frustrated and resentful towards people in their life. The program supports you to say “NO” and begin saying “YES” to your dreams, goals and a life you love waking up to! Connect now with Jillian at www.JillianChristy.com

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