The Subtle Power of Consistency


Jacob Sapochnick



Consistency is one of those things that isn’t very sexy or exciting to talk about, but it’s one of the most important components of having a successful business for the long term.

Without consistency, you can’t gain the momentum you need to make an impact. Habits of success are a must for any business. Without consistency, you’re leaving extra potential on the table.

Consistency builds trust. What do you want to be known for? Consistently showing up and offering value in your niche makes you memorable. With consistency, you become the go-to person for the job. When the time is right for your potential clients to choose, they know they can count on you.

In my business, I consistently post videos on several social media platforms including YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. This builds trust with my potential clients and anchors authority in my niche.

Consistency creates accountability. This goes hand in hand with trust and it also applies to you and your team. When you create a consistent structure in your business everyone knows what to expect. Having consistent protocols in place keeps everyone on track and decreases the potential for mistakes. When your team expects a weekly meeting, they know to be prepared beforehand. As humans, we can easily procrastinate and put things off until the last minute. When you construct your business based on consistency, accountability is automatically built-in.

In my law firm, we have specific systems for everything, so there’s no question on how things are handled. This creates more flow in our office and decreases stress in our work environment. If an employee leaves us, we’re able to manage it easily because we have standard operating procedures in place. The new employee can learn their position quickly and we can get back to the business of serving our clients.

Make a habit of assessing the things that you do consistently. Consistency is only powerful when you’re focusing on the right things. Trends are always changing and you have to stay on top of them to keep your edge. If you’re consistently doing something in your business just because you’ve always done it, this isn’t necessarily helpful. Take a deeper look and really see if this habit is propelling you forward in your business. It may be through revenue, brand awareness, or an increase in leads through networking. Whatever it is, make a point to consistently assess the success habits of your business once a quarter.

I do a personal audit of myself and of my business every single quarter to ensure things are moving in the direction of where I want to be.

Get clear on your message and how you help your potential clients, then consistently show up and serve them over and over. Create success habits and consistently assess them. Be consistent as the leader of your team and they will mirror that same consistency back to you, resulting in success for both you and your business.

Jacob Sapochnick

Jacob Sapochnick is an Immigration lawyer, an Instagram Influencer and a co-working space founder, who enjoys combining law, social media, and technology to educate and spread great vibes in the world.

Along with being quoted in popular publications, he produces the Enchanting Lawyer podcast and the Blog. He is an avid Traveler and tries to visit a new country at least every other month.

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