Entrepreneur Spotlight: Morgan Schmelzer


Kristen Crooks



Are you living the ultimate lifestyle? Meet Morgan Schmelzer, the ultimate lifestyle coach. Morgan has found that through the years her lifestyle has contributed to her not only looking younger but also feeling younger. The ultimate lifestyle is one that incorporates your mindset, nutrition, and movement, to allow you to live a healthy life from the inside out. But for Morgan, and for many of us, it wasn’t always like that. Growing up, Morgan often found herself in trouble. She was a latch-key kid who was left to discover the rules on her own. This led to her toeing the line, and at a young age, she found herself in the party scene. From the ages of twelve to eighteen, she hung with the wrong crowd, often drinking, and getting kicked out of class. This lifestyle would catch up with her after she got married and had her two children. Morgan was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. At the same time, she was working in a health food store, and she realized the doctors weren’t talking about nutrition. Morgan decided to dive into the nutrition aspect of her new career and diagnosis. As she began to discover more she realized her passion for the wellness industry. From that point on Morgan began to mold the ultimate lifestyle.

As she built this lifestyle she managed all her health issues and worked from sometimes barely being able to move to helping her friends at the gym. With a new lifestyle, Morgan joined one of her friends to attend her first networking event, where she was introduced as a personal trainer. After that networking event where Morgan had made many connections that went on to show her how to build her business, she began to work on personal training as a side hustle. She got her certification and began to take clients and shape her system. She eventually cut back her day-job hours to run with personal training full time. Now Morgan works with people from all walks of life to help them maximize their lifestyle, and live healthy from the inside out.

Working through so many different struggles, Morgan finds that the biggest struggle she has worked through is running her business alone. She loves working with others and enjoys being around people, so operating as the face, marketer, and everything else can be difficult. Seeing the results in her clients makes it all worth it! Seeing people go from anxiety and depression to a vacation where they experience no anxiety is the kind of change that Morgan inspires in those she works with. Working through so much has also taught Morgan so much about herself! If she was to go back in time and give herself some advice, she would say “play more.” Having that kind of childlike spirit can be so beneficial in so many ways.

Regarding entrepreneurship, the best advice Morgan had for our group is to be consistent! Without consistency, there will be no results. This goes with everything from your lifestyle to your business. This is why Morgan is so passionate about building a consistent lifestyle instead of a quick fix!

All in all, Life By Design magazine is so excited to feature Morgan as our March entrepreneur spotlight. She exemplifies the spirit of consistency, and inspires others to live their ultimate lifestyle! If you want to learn more about Morgan, reach out! www.wholebodylifestyles.com

Interviewed by: Jennifer Meim
Written by: Kristen Crooks


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