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Meet Brandee Lee Crooks, not your average loan officer. Brandee is one of our favorite edgy and educated financial and real estate professionals! Originally from Orange County, Brandee moved to San Diego County in 2004 and has been building businesses since. Although there was a small stint that Brandee went back to working in a 9-5 environment, she found herself wanting more. This is when Brandee combined her passion for serving others and her love of numbers to find her new career. While Brandee does enjoy every part of her job like conventional loans, she especially loved educating and solving unique problems, like those looking for reverse mortgages, and even self-employed loans for property acquisition. These unique situations are so common, and often are a lot more available than you have been led to believe. This is why Brandee works hand in hand to help people understand and be part of the process, instead of being pushed through the paperwork. Brandee is so passionate about educating her clients because when she purchased her house, she felt no one broke it down and helped her understand this huge purchase she was making.

While finding success in such a competitive field, Brandee has learned so much, but her best piece of advice that she has found is, If it scares you, you are heading in the right direction. As Brandee found herself at the crossroads of disbelief in herself and starting this new career, starting scared her. But she decided to make that leap anyway, and since then Brandee has always found that when something scares her that is what she has to do. While working through that disbelief in herself wasn’t easy, it was a choice she had to make to find her passion and purpose today.

With every struggle Brandee has faced, her biggest success is finding the right mentors that have helped propel her forward to a new kind of success. Brandee not only has a mentor, but a coach and community that has supercharged her success. Brandee is our member spotlight with Stegela Success Mastery because since she has joined the mastermind program she has made leaps and bounds in her career! Working with the community and our member-exclusive events has helped give Brandee the accountability and a new invigoration in her business! Simply having a group of entrepreneurs that are so brilliant and successful together is Brandee’s favorite part and we are so glad she is part of that group of entrepreneurs!

But good advice doesn’t only come from up-leveling your network, it also comes right from the heart! Brandee’s best advice she would have given herself is to just believe in yourself. Those that tell you that you can not, are simply wrong. You are the only one that can decide what you can do, this is the advice she would give her thirteen-year-old self, and the advice she is sharing with you.

Working with Brandee Lee Crooks we have found a new level of passion in a loan officer, and that is why Life By Design Magazine recognizes Brandee this month!

For more information on how to work with Brandee or to learn your options being self-employed reach Brandee at: www.mylenderchristian.com

Interviewed by: Jennifer Meim
Written by: Kristen Crooks

Brandee Lee Crooks

Brandee Crooks is a contributing writer, entrepreneur, mortgage loan officer and mother of two. With her personal experience in finance and owning small businesses, she has a passion for helping small business owners achieve the dream of homeownership. She believes communication, integrity, and transparency are the keys to success and operates her home life and business life accordingly.


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