Everything Originates in the Mind


Robert Winters



How many of you have found yourself trapped in a negative environment? A volatile relationship? A job or career that steals all of your joy and happiness? How many of you wake up hating life wishing that for one second you could be somebody else? How many of you feel lonely? Afraid? Weak? Not knowing if you have what it takes to make it through the day? As one who has overcome many negative circumstances and survived many perils, I am here to tell you that no matter who you are, where you are, or what you are going through, you can still experience heaven on earth now.

Everything in life first originates in the mind. If you want to feel better, be better, you first have to learn how to think better. Energy flows where attention goes. When you think better you will naturally feel better. When you feel better, you will become magnetized to the positive things you desire. You will attract yourself to positive circumstances, healthy relationships, success, and good health. You must hold your positive ideas in your mind, think about them often, imagine yourself experiencing the life you desire. Feel the joy and enthusiasm, as though it is happening now. By doing this you will impregnate your subconscious mind. As surely as the sun rises in the morning, your subconscious will materialize your desire. There is an infinite power within you that will transform a life of misery into a life of opulence. There was a man who suffered from false crimes, his wife brought false charges against him, and had him placed in jail. She had numerous affairs, took everything he had including his kids, which left him broke and fighting for his freedom. His life was destroyed. He fell into a deep depression and battled through thoughts of suicide. Then one day he discovered the science of the mind. He chose to identify with the power within himself, and create the life and destiny he deserved. Day and night he imagined himself a free man, home with his children. He could feel their tender hugs and hear their gentle voices. He imagined their circumstances changed for the better. Enjoying his freedom and new healthy relationships, he imagined himself a successful entrepreneur, living a life of opulence. He meditated on this daily. The more he imagined himself living out his desires the more he felt it was true. His fears, depression and his despair turned into faith, confidence, and happiness. His ideas and desires became his reality. As he thought and believed so his life became. When you learn to use your mind, magic will happen. Turn your negatives into positives and create the life and destiny you desire now.

Written by: Robert Winters

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